Stress and Weight Loss for 2013

How Stress can negatively affect health efforts if not dealt with in a healthy manner.

When external stress makes it pass your defenses and is negatively internalized, you trigger off your body's best reaction system, fat storing! When the body is stressed, it prepares for famine because it's been thrown out of sync with what it's used to.  Notice how you lose your appetite depending on the stimuli you're exposed to?  Or maybe your over doing it in the gym, or your cut your calories too low, or work requirements shifted or your social arena is filled with negative people or issues bombarding you.  Whatever the case may be, your metabolism doesn't know the difference because its only a system (see red, respond).  It only senses the stress being internalized and thus responds the one and only way it knows to, even though your mind knows what's going on, your body doesn't and is only following it's set of instructions that it was given.  

The point I'm making is that you may be sabotaging your weight loss with inappropriate stress coping mechanisms.  Maybe you're an emotional eater which is a double edge sword by itself. Maybe you fit the category of "Avoid Escape" coping, or "Denial" coping or some other form of unhealthy coping skill.  They all share one common thing, they make you internalize stress in an unhealthy manner thus triggering off you're body's famine defense system.

For 2013, it's time to take YOU back, which means making even drastic changes, it might even mean downsizing, excommunicating people, ending relationships, moving, downgrading your car, you might even just need to file bankruptcy.  But if you're health and sanity are in a debacle, you can't possibly tend to all these things in your life anyway.  Make 2013 the year of hard conversations to those who need to hear it and the year you finally face your old self for real this time and say "NO MORE".

Body By Andre

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