Bayport Nonprofit Receives $15K Check in Patchogue

Sayville Running Company presents check out of proceeds from their '10 Mile Run to the Brewery' race.

The board of directors for Bayport's Better Understanding of Life in Africa (BULA) organization received a check of $15,000 from the Sayville Running Company at Patchogue's Blue Point Brewery Friday.

The check was made out of the proceeds from the Sayville Runing Company 10 Mile Run to the Blue Point Brewery.

Tom Fricke, co-founder of the BULA, said in a press release that he greatly appreciated the involved organizations' help.

“On the surface, this is a highly competitive, extremely fun road race, but to an increasing number of children it is a stepping stone towards achieving their dreams,” Fricke said.

Run director Ric DiVeglio said that they were thrilled with the fundraising, but conceded that improvements will be necessary to the race for next year.

"We recognize that for 2014 we need to improve the route of the Run to minimize inconvenience to local residents, and to improve advance notice of the event by lots of advance signage and by  making our pre-race mailings more," DiVeglio said. "We are committed to be good neighbors to the community at the same time as we hope to raise even more money for BULA in 2014.”

More information about BULA can be found on their website, and Facebook Page.

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