Help Port Jefferson Patch Make a Pre-blizzard List of Supplies

Readers help us compile a list of needed items and things to do before a storm.

Unlike that cute little fish in the Pixar movie, weather forecasters say the blizzard nicknamed Nemo heading toward the area is likely to pack quite a wallop.

So a full day before it’s predicted to hit, we started our pre-blizzard list and enlisted our Facebook fans to help. Add your suggestions in the comments below.

Gina Marie suggested wine, candles, snacks and good movie. All great suggestions to help pass the time.

Candace Gonzalez-Donin agreed with Marie.

“What she said,” Gonzalez-Donin wrote.

Jacquelyn Smith Kirsch suggested batteries, flashlights, salt, secure outdoor furniture and to fill the bird feeders.

Kassandre Krizteen is stocking up on water.

Alex Vavas put bread, eggs and milk on his list “because going without French toast for 24 hours until the roads are clear would be the end of the world,” he joked.

Need to know where to stock up on supplies? Check our directory.

“Bottled water, canned food and other nonperishable food items, manual can opener, gas for the generator if you have one,” wrote Beth King.

Allison Kapur said that ear plugs for mom was on the list.

"And a working Xbox for the kids," Kapur added.

Along with the essentials like toilet paper, flashlights, batteries, snacks and water many people said a stiff drink would be on their lists to help pass the time including tequila, beer and lots of wine.

To that Kristin Gudzik Schombs added, “don't forget the Tylenol.”

Help us add to our list of pre-blizzard things to stock up on or check on. What are the essentials?

christine February 07, 2013 at 05:24 PM
Great suggestions- except Tylenol, which is bad for your liver. I'd also add -fill up your car with gas -charge all your batteries (camera, phone, ipad) -grab your car charger for your phone -I usually download a new movie or TV show, so if the cable goes out, there is something interesting to watch -Those with fireplaces- get the wood ready. Some people are going to lose power with high winds on Saturday.
Mels Ditties February 07, 2013 at 08:07 PM
Diet Pepsi & Cigarettes.... Oh yeah, and some food stuff...
Annie Gurl February 08, 2013 at 04:33 AM
Dog food. Knitting and art supplies. Fruits and veggies (so I don't feel guilty for eating the Pringles LOL).


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