Patchogue Village Residents Shovel and Stay Warm In Snow

Several businesses stayed in operation, residents attempted to commute and others ran errands in Wednesday's snow.

Though snow was still falling and certain streets were not fully plowed, residents made their way to Main Street in Patchogue and the surrounding areas after . So, what exactly did they do?

For business owners and workers, it was getting walkways shoveled to accommodate patrons.

owner Scottie Campbell employed the help of his fellow entrepreneur and friend Joe Robustello to shovel the walkway in front of his business. Robustello owns Blue Point's nightclub. Perabell, at 69 East Main St. in Patchogue, opened at 4 p.m. for dinner only instead of its regular 11 a.m. because of the storm.

Campbell commented that Patchogue village worked efficiently to clean the storm and that most of Main Street was blacktop rather than snow or ice.

"They really did a great job. It was done quick," Campbell said.

Chris Sexton of , at 48 South Ocean Ave kept his walkway clean throughout Wednesday.

"We've gotten customers all morning mostly because they can get in," Sexton joked.

College students Sarah Kinney and Jill Mackie spent Wednesday morning drinking coffee at at 41 East Main St. Mackie said she had some resistance from her parents about driving her car, but finally won the fight and chose to visit a location near her home.

Peggy Spagnoletto had the day off from her job at AHRC in Bohemia and spent the morning running errands on Main Street. Her husband Andrew, who is retired, came along for the ride. The couple said they do not mind running errands in the snow if the errands need to be done.

Georgia Hair, who lives in Seacrest Village, is the mother to a newborn and does not work outside the home. However, her boyfriend had off for the day and was cleaning the couple's car, though they had not decided if they would leave the village. Hair did, however, take her dog Bailey for a walk in Seacrest Village's dog run.

For others, the snow was no walk in the park. Isoline Ellis spent Wednesday morning trying to commute to Port Jefferson from her home in Queens. Ellis was at the Patchogue train station trying to find a taxi cab, while others trying to get into New York City and other destinations waited in the train station's heated inside waiting area.


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