Faces of Artspace: Howard Beckerman

Meet Howard Beckerman, who is developing a musical about Artspace.

, located at 20 Terry Street, held its last summer with the goal of attracting artists to Patchogue Village. This series introduces you to some of the talented faces behind its doors.

Howard Beckerman

Hometown: Brooklyn

Bio: Howard Beckerman was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Queens, and lived in Manhattan for four years, where he met his wife, Linda, a painter and future collaborator in the arts, in business, and life.


Patch: What is your art, and how long have you been doing it?

Beckerman: I've been a composer since my piano lesson days in elementary school and a musical theatre composer, lyricist, and playwright since college. The "art of language" has also been a lifelong fascination, and I've made a career out of combining my passions by becoming a songwriter and producer of songs for learners of English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese through my company Heartworks International, Inc. My business partner (i.e. my wife Linda) and I have provided our services to publishing companies such as Berlitz Publishing, Yale University Press, and Warner Brothers. Website: www.heartworks.com

Patch: What drew you to Artspace?

Beckerman: Our three children are grown and successful on their own paths, and the time was right for my wife and I to sell our house and focus on our lives in the arts.

Patch: What benefits have you found by living in an artist community?

Beckerman: Moving to Artspace and the Patchogue community has led to many creative collaborations and to inspiring and supportive connections with the and . And Patchogue is a great place for Worldwide Voices, the not-for-profit multicultural arts organization founded by Linda and me, to thrive. Website: www.worldwidevoices.org

Patch: What is your favorite aspect of living in the Patchogue area?

Beckerman: For the first time in two decades, I can now walk to a library, a post office, restaurants, shops, a lively downtown, and the LIRR station. I love this Village!

Patch: What are your future goals?

Beckerman: As a developer of original musical theatre, I founded "The New Musicals Project" to offer opportunities for local talent to collaborate on bringing new musicals to Long Island audiences. Since 2001, I have presented several musicals locally, and I also plan to encourage the development of language-teaching musical theatre on Long Island for audiences of all ages.

Patch: Where can people see more of your work?

Beckerman: On March 11, 2012, comes to the Music on Main Street series of The Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts. As Project Director of this combined musical revue and gallery show, I hope to inspire more experimental collaborations by local artists in all genres.

For more information about , visit the theatre's website:


Live at Artspace and want to be featured on Patchogue Patch? Email michael@patch.com. All of the Artspace profiles are together on the Faces of Artspace Topic Page.











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