Local Female Artists Showcase Photography

The Gallery at 40 South debuts its latest exhibit featuring local female artists

Four local female artists showcased their work recently as part of the “” exhibit at in Patchogue.

Photographs taken by Beth Rooney, Danielle Minella, Krystle DiNicola and Dana Flaherty were on display.

Rooney had four works on display, each of a different woman in a different setting.

“I wanted to capture each person individually but also show a similar strength between them,” Rooney said.

Rooney has previously put her paintings on display, but this exhibit was her first time showing her photography.

Minella described her photos as being of a ‘dark and mysterious’ theme. Minella’s friend, Jen, described the style as focusing on objects differently then what is typical.

“Danielle will emphasize the stalk rather than the petals,” Jen said.

DiNicola, a Patch contributer, displayed an exhibit titled, “Captured Moments.” Her photos featured women that were both posing for the camera as well as behind the scenes in prep.

Flaherty described her photographs as aiming to capture “mystery, seduction, sadness and submission.” Flahery has previously showcased work at the Phoenix Gallery, the Sayville Art Walk, Bellport Art Walk and the Walking Arts tour.

The next scheduled exhibit at the Gallery is set to debut Saturday and will showcase works from artists William Thierfelder and Ted Stamatelos.

Check the for highlights from the reception.


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