Music Beat: Country Artist Austin Webb

Webb performed at Patchogue's The Emporium Thursday, and spoke with Patch about his music career.

Album cover of Austin Webb's Slip on By single.
Album cover of Austin Webb's Slip on By single.

Austin Webb is a 25-year-old country and soul artist who performed at Patchogue's The Emporium venue Thursday night as part of the Gary Allan & Friends Winter Jam. Webb recently spoke with Patch about his music career, performing and what's next for him. A Youtube video of Webb at the 2013 NJ "Everyday Heroes" concert is embedded in the media gallery of this post.

Patch: What are the names of the members of your band (if applicable, if solo just for yourself) and what are their hometowns?

Austin Webb: My show types vary from seven-piece band all the way to solo performances. My on call players are:

1: Guitarist, Mike Ulvila from Montana 

2: Guitarist, Jake Mitchell from California

3: Guitarist, Josh Pantana from Virginia

4: Guitarist, Josh Waters from Tennessee 

5: Bass player, Phil Lester from Michigan

6: Drummer, Josh Daubin from Louisiana 

Patch: How would you describe your sound?

Webb: I grew up in Greenville, S.C. listening to so many different music styles... my favorites being Motown, R&B, rock, and retro country from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. My sound is country and soul. I think it’s therapeutic. I try to stay as honest and relevant as possible in the lyrical content. And when I write I’m writing about things I believe in. I think that my music is at its core honest at all times. I moved to Nashville to write songs.

Patch: What are your performances usually like?

Webb: 80 % tempo, 10 % mid, and 10% ballad, with high energy and strong emotion. I really love what I do and enjoy giving putting my all into performing.

Patch: What is your next big thing coming up?

Webb: Right now, I am preparing for the release of a music video for my current single, "Slip On By.” I love the tune, the song really spoke to me and I always enjoy performing it; so, releasing a music video for the track is very exciting.

Patch: What has your experience been like working on the current EP?

Webb: I have experienced a mix of emotions while working on this EP, ranging from careful, fun, cautious, serious and devoted. It has been a great experience working with my musicians and the Streamsound Records team. As I said earlier, I love the music I make and stay very honest therefore I am very emotionally invested in what I do.

Patch: How can people reach you?

Webb: The best way to get in touch is to visit my website, Austinwebbmusic.com, and sign up for my newsletter, which can be found under the ‘fans’ tab. After you sign up, you will receive updates about my performances and new music. I also love to interact with fans through Twitter (@AustinlWebb), Facebook (www.facebook.com/AustinWebbpage) and Instagram (Instagram.com/austinlwebb#).


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