Excessive Violence on Television Effects our Population

The entire population is being de –sensitized to violence. Years ago violence was generic; now the TV and Movie Industries seem to be compelled to present the most vile, graphic scenes possible.

(This article represents the opinion of the author.)
The entire population is being de –sensitized to violence.
School Bullying has become rampant. Years ago violence was generic; now the TV
and Movie Industries seem to be compelled to present the most vile and
disgusting graphic scenes possible. Can excessive violence become addictive? I
have often wondered how the Romans could go to an arena and watch Gladiators
kill each other, and watch Lions eat Christians. Is this a valid form of
entertainment? I don’t think so!

I could understand how violence is proliferated in the
entertainment industry.  If a program
does not use the graphic effects, which are now possible via sophisticated
computer technology, the movie would be rated as inferior. It really boils down
to a graphic arts competition. I believe that graphic imagery of violent acts, is
good for the people in the entertainment industries, but can have serious
ramifications on the general public.

Within the past few nights, on TV and at the Movies;  I have seen a person cut in half with a ninja
sword. I have seen a man sowing his face back together, after being shot through
the head by the police. I have seen a gang, stop a car and rape the female
passenger, and almost kill the male passenger. 
I cannot find any entertainment in any of the above. SWAT teams are
everywhere!  I consider all of the above
as Training Videos that could trigger violence in the mentally unstable.  Freedom of speech has gone too far. My father
told me that if I “hang out” with criminals, I too will become a criminal.

As a former Auxiliary Police Officer, I went through
training, under the premise that” when the s**t  hits the fan,” your actions will be directed by your training.

While watching TV, I was upset when a bomb laden Drone, was
directed toward a group of children; why was this scene shown? In reality, this
TV Program could serve as a training video, for some unstable individual.  If 100 million people watched this vile TV
program, how many psychos would think that a Bomb is a good idea?  In my personal opinion, I believe that the TV,
Movie, and Video Game Industries are responsible, at least in part, for the
violence in our culture. Graphic violence is not entertainment; or at least it
shouldn’t be. I have no problem with what I call “Generic Violence;” where
graphic scenes are moderated to a minimal level. Some “Generic Violent” scenes
must be experienced; the total absence of violence could also present a

The “Gaming Industry,” sells a military, assault, video game
that our sons and daughters are playing. I believe that violent video games, in
the hands of a dysfunctional person could very easily trigger a dysfunctional
response. Is this entertainment?  In my
opinion this video should be required training for the military, and the Police
Department. This game, in the hands of a solder or Police officer, may very
well save his life. The TV and Movie Industry need some regulation; I believe
that there is simply too much graphic violence in their programming! 

The TV, Movie, and Video Game Industries have shown that
they are not capable of regulating themselves.    We should no longer tolerate the TV, Movie, and Video Game Industry’s violence, that could have negative impact on our society.

The scary part is that, “children will tend to imitate what
they have seen on TV, in Movies, and in Video Games.”

The FCC should be directed to mandate balanced programming.  A reasonable mixture of diverse programming should be available to the general public.

I feel that the entertainment industry should create a new
movie rating called GV which is Generic Violence. Blood, guts, and knife wounds
would be minimized.  It might be possible
to turn around this horrible trend. We do not want the children of today, to be
the criminals of tomorrow.

The Romans considered a battle to the death as a sporting
event; it is possible that we too can become addicted to violence.

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