Fireworks 2011 on the Great South Bay

An annual Fireworks displays should be part of the "Patchogue Experience;" if not for us, then for our children.

Of all of the Patchogue Community Events that I have ever attended, Just one event retains a permanent place in mind. I can recall Nine family members which include my Four Grandchildren, walking down Cedar Avenue toward the water. We ultimately found our way to the village park off of South Ocean Avenue. Everyone was reclining on blankets except my Grandchildren; they were busy tying everyone's "Glowing Necklaces" together . The glowing Necklaces were purchased from a vender, and my Grandchildren managed to convince everyone else's children to help them make a very long jump rope. The Grucci Fireworks started and everyone was enjoying the Fireworks Display, while a second feature show was also in progress at the same time. Thirty Five children were jumping rope amidst the sights and sounds of the fireworks display, using their custom designed "Glowing Jump Rope." It is events such as this that create precious memories because they include both family and community. Our village had the fireworks for about Eight Years and for some unknown reason the fireworks displays were simply discontinued. This just hurts my heart!

Last year Philip Butler from the Grucci Family applied to the Village of Patchogue, for a permit to present a Fireworks Display on the Fourth of July, from a Barge, off of Patchogue. The permit was granted and then rescinded. As a result the Fireworks display was moved to Davis Park on Fire Island. The residents of Davis Park were ecstatic, the residents of Patchogue would have preferred to have the fireworks in our home town. The entire display was paid for, not by the village of Patchogue, but by donations.

Why would I be disconcerted about not having Fireworks in Patchogue? Patchogue is an amazing community. Unlike many other communities, Patchogue takes on the persona of a quaint country village; which it is. Our village has an energy of its own and one can feel that energy at any of our many community events. And now the important part! Our children also respond to the overwhelming sense of community in our village.

Youth has a compelling need to belong to something. My father told me "son! you must be very careful to only "Hang out, with people that you admire, because you will eventually become just like your friends." It is obvious to me that the good example set forth by the community minded residents of Patchogue Village has had a positive effect on our children. Patchogue Village still enjoys a point Three Percent Crime Rate, when the national norm for a given city in America is One Hundred. This is not an accident, because our community, is also part of our extended family. Herein lies what is unique about Patchogue!

The annual Fourth of July Fireworks Display, that was re-initiated last year has the theme, "Salute to our Military." Every year we will pay homage to a different branch of our Military Service. What a wonderful idea!

Philip Butler is not a "Johnny come lately," that just decided to get involved with Patchogue Village. Philip has always been a relentless activist for Patchogue Village, our Chamber of Commerce, and the Catholic Community. You may still be waiting for Waverly Avenue to be paved, if it were not for the efforts of Philip Butler.

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Granted that we have our differences of opinion; but I see no rational reason to let a disagreement on one issue, interfere with the resolution of a completely different issue. Hopefully we could resolve this issue, and let this years Fireworks Display go forward.

An annual Fireworks displays should be part of the "Patchogue Experience;" if not for us, then for our children.

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John Bogack May 17, 2011 at 08:24 PM
I am not against a fire works display in Patchogue Village. People like them in general. But there is a but and it goes along these lines. Factually, I would like to know why the Village rescinded the permit it had earlier granted. These decisions are not just made on a whim. Knowing the concrete reasons for that decision would help me understand why an event that appears totally paid for by private sources was turned down. I can think of some reasons why that decision was made. Village Trustees have been under pressure from residents at the south end of So. Ocean avenue about noise generating events during the summer months. Because Shore Front park is located there it is already a venue for some noisy events like the boat race which I can hear from my home a mile away and on the other side of the Patchogue River. In addition the Great South Bay Music Festival, while a great event, becomes the source of three days of loud music. In addition that event hosts a fire works display although it's not free to get in to see it. Plus for those who live in and around the park there are also other music events that are held every weekend I believe that while not as large scale as the Music Fest those events must be generating noise too. So maybe what is happening is that the trustees are reacting to the complaints of residents who feel their lives are already overwhelmed with enough sound and simply are saying to them: enough.
Janet Murphy May 18, 2011 at 08:51 PM
if you don't want to hear what's going on in a park, don't buy a house near one. that's like people who live near the airport complaining about the noise from the planes.
John Bogack May 19, 2011 at 01:19 PM
I see the point but I am not sure the analogy is true. Parks are not usually the same as airports in terms of generating noise so people generally would think peace and quiet if they were locating next to a park. Over recent time the use of shore front park has been changing in ways that probably most people did not think of. As part of creating a buzz for the revitalization the village has been supporting big venue events like the Great South Bay Music festival. And that event has been helping to create a buzz for the village. But the other side of that is that events like that, and firework displays, burden the local residents with excess sound. And all of this is cumulative so that over a season it becomes quite a lot to expect as part of a persons quality of life. It is a fair question to ask: just how much noise and disruption are local residents expected to endure so that others who don't live in the area can enjoy themselves? I don't know if Ms. Murphy lives nearby. I don't. I would really like to hear more from people who do.
Janet Murphy May 19, 2011 at 05:46 PM
shorefront has a bandshell. that should be the first clue. i live a few doors down from a community center. i expected parties to be held there.
Jonathan May 19, 2011 at 08:14 PM
There is literally not a house in Patchogue that is closer to the bandshell than mine, if only by a few feet. That doesn't make my point of view any more valid than anyone else's, of course, but there is certainly not anyone who is more exposed to any bandshell programming than I. I tend to agree with Janet... I knew what I signed up for when I moved in. I love the park - my favorite thing about it is seeing it full of people from sunrise to sunset on the weekends during the spring and summer. Sure there are pros and cons... but for the most part, the noise and activity generated by events at the park are completely reasonable, and honestly are not that much of a nuisance. The park is an incredible public asset, paid for by everyone in the village, that benefits a wide array of people (the event programming is very diverse). A park with 200 people in it is much more interesting, exciting, and safe than a park with 2 people in it.
george May 28, 2011 at 06:58 PM
in response to mr bogack....we should embrace the excitement brought by these events instead of attempting to halt others enjoyment brought by these activities...why become an old codger before your time...nursing homes are full of people who would trade with you in a heartbeat
Paul July 04, 2011 at 09:45 PM
i normally dont even post comments but couldnt help myself this time. i was just using the web to find out about fireworks in patchogue and i ended up here. im a patchogue resident myself and cant believe hoe outrageously closed minded some people can be. we have only a few short summer months to enjoy ourselves by using whats in our own backyards and what others wish they had in theirs.(the bay, the beaches, the parks etc..) i look forward to hearing the sounds of concerts in the evening, the sound of ferries running all day, race boats running across the bay once a year!!! all these things appear to me as people enjoying life!! why not embrace some open minded excitement before its all over??? I live a stone throw away from shorefront and i say book an event every weekend... it does nothing but good for this small middle class community..
John Bogack July 04, 2011 at 10:35 PM
I haven't looked at this thread for a while and I see now since I last did look some responses to my earlier comments from those who did not approve of them. Well that's the way of the world: that band playing into the night, to one person music, to another it can be noise. To me whether it is noise or music, well that depends. I like to keep an open mind about that. BTW I do consider myself a pretty open minded person and while I am older I am not yet ready for my coffin and in the meantime I have a pretty good time enjoying myself. So for those concerned that I might be missing out. I don't really that I am. What I don't want is to be imposed upon by others. Yes it's all well and good to have fireworks, non stop concerts, diesel engines roaring at full blast, if that is what you want. Looks like there are some here who would volunteer their property as venues. But just remember this is a village with a lot of different opinions. I do appreciate the sounds of summer but there has to be a balance and when you don't have that then what you have is some people having a good time at the expense of others and trying to make believe it's all nice. It's not that simple is all I am saying.
Paul July 05, 2011 at 12:03 AM
John what im saying is that you might need to make a more educated purchase when buying a home. if all these things dont appeal to you maybe its time for a condo in Boca???? just thinking out loud..
John Bogack July 05, 2011 at 12:08 PM
Cracks about my age are really not helpful. I don't need to go to a quiet old age communinity which I guess the reference to Boca represented. Nor do I need to make bettter judgements about where I live. Sounds like if you don't like it why don't you leave. Talk about arrogance. This is an age old issue and the kind that gets resolved over time through understanding, and compromise and that process begins with respect for different opinions in fact and not just in word.


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