Patchogue Village Facebook Response to Sandy

"Patchogue Village," did a wonderful job disseminating information during hurricane Sandy.

The volunteers that service the Patchogue
Village Facebook site
have done a monumental job at disseminating information to the village residents. Links to NOAA, flood zone maps, shelter shuttle instructions, evacuation routes, communications from the mayor, LIPA phone numbers, shelter locations, and media instructions. I am more than impressed; the implementation of their response to this disaster has been and is flawless! Perfection is no accident!

Patchogue Village also did a great job at removing debris from hurricane Sandy. I saw the mess in the southern part of Patchogue Village after the hurricane; today I drove along the
water and noted that the clean-up was also monumental. In addition, the Garbage
removal was not interrupted.

Unlike the Gasoline industry; Patchogue Village gave us performance, not excuses! Kudos to Patchogue

Thanks for doing a wonderful

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David Kennedy November 16, 2012 at 06:19 PM
Joseph, I agree with you that critical postings by residents on the Village facebook page should be left as is, assuming they don't become slanderous or vulgar...Ben makes good points why some postings may be required to be removed, but posting some kind of disclaimer should cover some of that.... Now while the facebook page by the village is useful, particularly as Ben highlighted, through the storm, there is a tendency that if anyone is critical they delete the posting and that is not right...the village should accept criticism straight forward and respond to it. As I have maintained for quite a while, my biggest criticism of our current administration is they do a poor job communicating with the residents, explaining their actions fully and allowing public debate. This failure, in my opinion, is a large reason why many remain so critical of them. While I generally support most of their initiatives, I don't agree with how they get business done...and seems to be "my way or the highway" approach, which fails to include good public input...an educated resident is the villages best citizen...
David Kennedy November 16, 2012 at 06:59 PM
Sometimes the kool aid I drink is sugar free!! :) I am hopeful soon a civic movement will come together and get Village Hall to work better with residents...I certainly will keep trying...
Ben Vitale November 17, 2012 at 01:09 AM
You must know "where I am coming from!" I personally do not approve of the Propaganda Techniques, that are used by the media, and people responding to an article via the "Comment Box." Propaganda is meant to deceive the reader; and indeed it does! The following Fictitious Examples may shed some light on my viewpoint (All names and examples are fictitious.) Fictitious Example # One "The Accusation:" "Joe Gavone Wabelink" is accused of collecting two pensions and also working for a municipality." This statement uses propaganda to imply impropriety; in reality "Joe Gavone Wabelink," may not be violating any law. My friend collects Three small pensions because he worked for three separate companies! Fictitious Example # Two "The Accusation:" "Joe Gavone Wabelink," worked for a Corporation; he also worked as an outside contractor, under a different corporate name, selling products to the same company that he worked for. "Joe Gavone Wabelink" then sold the company product, at a discount to another corporation that his friend owned. I know this to be a fact because I am the Comptroller for the company that "Joe Gavone Wabelink" works in. This statement is valid and worthy of publication! In most cases the "Comment," is actually the illegal instrument! An unproven accusation is criminal! Please read the following link! http://www.ehow.com/how_2079230_avoid-libel.html
Ben Vitale March 26, 2014 at 09:24 PM
This article is about Patchogue's response to Hurricane sandy. Comments about corruption are out of order!


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