Save Our Holtsville Ecology Center

Our treasured Holtsville Ecology Site, in Suffolk County, New York, is in danger of being closed. I believe our elected officials could do more to preserve our wonderful facility.

(This article represents the opinion of the author.)

The current budget proposal for Brookhaven Town, Suffolk County, NY, indicates that it will no longer support the Holtsville Ecology Center. The community has been pleading with our politicians to maintain support for our treasured facility, to no avail. Residents have been signing a petition and voting on Facebook; at last count we had 27,000 signatures and "likes." Our politicians still refuse to listen to reason!

Our Ecology center is not just a facility; it's a venue! Many if not all of our children go there on school trips. Our children get to enhance their perception of their surroundings, by doing ecology related crafts. This is so important for their emotional growth! Moms and Dads get to spend quality time with their children, at our Ecology Center. What is more important than that?

The Pool is a must! The availability of a Pool, has a monumental effect on the emotional development of a child.

Almost all of the plants that you see throughout Brookhaven are grown at this facility.

Residents go to the Ecology Center to clear their minds; they walk, they jog, and also, some bring their bikes. We are talking about the emotional well being of our adult community; in this case the 20 and "30 something" crowd.

The EC has crafts for the adults. Many residents attend the Master Gardeners Club, events.

The issue is not just about animals; it is about an emotional bonding experience between parents and children. This facility is an inseparable part of our community.

Let's put the animals last! Closing the Ecology Center will have a lasting negative impact on the children and adult residents of Brookhaven Town.

Closing this facility will be more than stupid, but criminal! Lord protect us from our misguided politicians!

The Ecology Center Facebook page has a few good suggestions that should be considered before aimlessly closing our wonderful facility.

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Jeanette October 19, 2012 at 05:36 AM
The highway dept can Cut out Double overtime on a crew of eight ...for 2 weekends out of the month... If you watched the public 21 channel you would have seen how the highway department was saved from layoffs. They could charge a fee. how much do they get per car for the garden shows and the christmas lighting? Holtsville Hal? parking lot fee makes more sense....Drain the pools as everyone in the surrounding areas all have their own in the backyard as there are plenty of beaches,....
kevin ryan October 19, 2012 at 05:41 AM
Ben, Bullying is a fact of life for civil service employees, specially when the "supervisors" are hand picked members of the political party (Read republicans) in the town of Brookhaven, in this instance. Of course they were ordered to shut up, on pain of losing their jobs! It's prevalent in the villages, towns , state Civil Service, especially those positions not covered by the Civil Service Laws and rules. Don't make waves. As to the Center being built over a garbage dump, therefore making it unusable for building Shopping Centers, residences or any other commercial purpose, all it takes is a zoning change, a new local law enacted etc. Remember the Golden Rule: "He who has the gold, makes the rules. "
Ben Vitale October 19, 2012 at 12:19 PM
We must first find out if the Highway Department has been a casualty of budget cuts. Double overtime is usually a result of budget cuts. A "20 mule team," was required to get Borax out of Death Valley in the 18Th century. I could understand the overtime, if the required "20 Mule team" has been streamlined into a "Two Mule Team." I do indeed want the streets plowed in the winter.
Ben Vitale October 19, 2012 at 12:31 PM
I know of a local facility where Bullying has dropped the productivity by 50%; the employees literally spend 50% of the work day defending themselves, and "licking wounds," inflicted by their boss. Management is too dumb to realize that if you treat employees like friends and Family, they will produce for the company out of pure obligation. A zoning change is exactly what I suspect. I feel that the fate of the EC has already been "written in stone."
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