The 'I Can Do Attitude' Is Contagious!

The simple but most important corollary to success of a young adult is to have experienced the "I Can Do It," phenomenon, just once.

Have you ever seen the "Stage crew," at a school concert or theatrical performance get a round of applause from the audience? On December 10, 2011, I had the privilege and surprise of attending a "school Christmas concert," at , in South Huntington. Two of my grand daughters were performing in that concert.

A school Christmas concert, and I am looking at the stage crew, instead of the Orchestra, and Chorus!  Hemmm; "What planet is this guy from?" When I attend a performance I always look at the entire package. Everyone knows, including college admissions officers, that teamwork, and the "I can do attitude," is the key to success in life! We as parents are often overwhelmed with the daily problems of survival, and cannot make the time to stop and smell the Roses!

The simple but most important corollary to success of a young adult is to have experienced the "I can do it," phenomenon,  just once. Yes, just once is enough to change the life of a young adult! Once a person has succeeded to master any task, he will then reapply the faith in his ability to succeed, to other disciplines!  If you believe in yourself, you can move mountains; absolutely! Simple but profound, self confidence is highly contagious, it will spread like wildfire.

Exactly what did I see when I watched this concert! The entire production was executed with military precision, but most importantly, the students were totally involved, as a team. The chorus alone had about 600 members, and the orchestra and bands had almost that many members.

Here is the most important observation that I have made at this concert; over 600 musicians and singers, and not one was "bored." Before I actually focused on the actual music and choral parts, I noticed that the "I can do it attitude," was beaming from every musician and singer! The most beautiful thing on the planet is to see over 600 young adults, totally focused as a team, savoring their accomplishment. The entire auditorium was flooded with a spirit that made every parent proud!

The stage crew performed "miracles in their own right;" Bleachers that would normally be used at a football game were repeatedly moved on and off stage, with military precision. 150 feet of bleachers were set-up and broken down, at least Four times, by a mixed group of male and Female stage hands. Each assembly/ disassembly operation took less than Two minutes. The parents were absolutely awestruck! With emotion filled faces, the parents were applauding in awe, as if to say "I can't believe it, this is not what happened the last time I asked my child to throw out the "garbage." Here lies the power in the "I can do attitude."

All of my grandchildren, two of which performed in this concert, have adapted the "I can do it," mindset. Success in one area has indeed, migrate to every other area of their lives.

The musicians were all outstanding. When I listen to music I always pay attention to where the music is coming from; the fingers, or the Heart! A musician who is "true to the art" always plays from his heart! I was so impressed with the Orchestra and Bands, because they were playing from the Heart. 

The videos of this year's concert have not yet been made available to the general public, on YouTube, however the video of last year's concert shows the same Orchestra and Chorus playing and singing the same songs. The quality of both concerts is excellent!

Please look at the following choral video presentation.

(Left click the URL below)


Saint Anthony's Orchestra, Barcelona performance.


Please take some time to look at the roses!  You must slow down long enough actually see our environment. That's the problem with living today; the pace of life often reduces our ability to both "look and see." We look at things that are happening around us, but we often do not see, because we are moving through life at "warp speed." Real meaning is often diluted or lost.

Some segment of our population seems to question the drive and resolve, of our young adults to submit to hard work, and show real dedication. The videos above should have already answered the preceding question.   I see our young people living in a totally complex world with astronomical expectations. Put our youth in the occupation of their choice and they will flourish. I would not expect enthusiastic performance from a recent college grad, who accepts a job working behind the counter at 7-11. The real culprit is the economy; and this too will pass!

Our young adults are smarter than we ever were; I do expect only the best from this new generation, because they nurture the coveted "I can do attitude."

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JF December 14, 2011 at 01:06 AM
Friars 2012! Woo!


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