Meet Del Fiore's Manager Maria Burdo

The Patchogue resident has been with the popular eatery for 13 years.

Maria Burdo has worked with Del Fiore's Pizza Company for 13 years. Originally from Brooklyn, Burdo moved to Patchogue 23 years ago when she met and married her husband. While she is currently a manager at the popular pizzeria, which is newly located on Main Street, it wasn't always this way.

"It started as a joke," Burdo said, commenting on her desire to have a job that worked well with her schedule as a mother and still allowed her to work.

In order to fulfill this need, she began working as a waitress at Del Fiore's when it first opened. "And here I am now," Burdo shared, commenting on her managerial duties of scheduling, problem solving, providing customer service and filling out endless paperwork.

While Burdo is not directly related to the Galeotafiore family, owners of Del Fiore's Pizza Company, the eatery has found a place in her heart. "I love it like it's my own. And they're so nice to work for and with."

She describes Patchogue as "coming along nicely," commenting that the town has seen much transformation in her years of experience. "It was quaint; then it wasn't. Now it's coming along again," she added.

She explains that Del Fiore's new location has been beneficial to the large customer base. "People come here from everywhere and it brings a large variety of people in. I like it and the customers appreciate it so it's been a good move."



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