'Perfect Plates' Returns to Patchogue Monday

Local restaurants will be serving $5 entrees as part of Mather Hospital's program.

The $5 "Perfect Plates" event is returning to the Patchogue area on Monday, and several local restaurants will be serving reduced portions of their food at the lower price as part of Mather Hospital's program.

"The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about healthier portion sizes," said Gemma Saylor, director of the hospital's healthy heart program, in a release. "Restaurants will be offering some of the same delicious food that is featured on their regular menu in a reduced portion size. You won’t waste any food, you won’t feel too stuffed and your wallet won’t be hurting."

, 15 Patchogue restaurants participated in the program.

The event will also be taking place in restaurants across Long Island, and the full list of restaurants can be found here.

The $5 deals will be offered for lunch and dinner, and may be for dine-in only.

: 23 South Ocean Ave. Ph# 631-569-2397

: 67 W Main St. Ph# 631-447-2337

: 240 E Main St. Ph# 631-654-3641

: 26 South Ocean Ave. Ph# 631-475-2522

: 3 E Main St. Ph# 631-475-4667

: 507 W Main St. Ph# 631-475-1557

: 124 E Main St. Ph# 631-654-1930

: 198 W Main St. Ph# 631-714-5593

: 8 E Main St. Ph# 631-289-8471


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