Residents Supply Up For Snow

Were Patchogue residents prepared for Wednesday's storm?

was no surprise, but were Patchogue residents prepared for it?

For the most part, yes.

A visit to and proved that residents knew the storm was coming but that a few extra items needed to be purchased.

A King Kullen manager said that patrons had done most of their "general stocking up" in the days before the storm.

"We had two days of snow alerts. They did their shopping already," he said.

The items King Kullen patrons stock up on mostly? Brownie and cake mix, the manager said. His patrons like to be prepared with things to do with their kids during storms, especially if parents can anticipate a snow day.

The manager said patrons purchased flashlights and other preparation items before and after the last storm that hit the area.

Holbrook resident Ann Marie Martano did her shopping before the storm, but needed a few extra items simply because she was hungry. Martano visited King Kullen for chicken fingers and a few other lunch foods.

Martano had a bright outlook regarding the storm. "We're not going to be snowed in for days--there's no reason to panic," Martano said.

Patrons visited Home Depot for various snow-related items.

Workers at Home Depot said the store is stocked with snow-related items and had not sold out. One worker said Home Depot stocks shovels, ice scrapers, snow blowers and ice melt specifically for the snow.

Patchogue resident Ralph Cornwell visited Home Depot to buy equipment for deicing his mother's car after deicing his elderly neighbor's driveway in the morning.

Cornwell started shoveling the driveway in the early morning and then saw his neighbor's long-necked ice scraper. Cornwell said he was able to complete the driveway deicing job in only about ten minutes after using the scraper. Cornwell then decided he would purchase a similar scraper from Home Depot. The model he purchased was a Husky multi-use scraper.

Ubed Hussain, who owns a Sprint store in Gateway Plaza, visited Home Depot to purchase salt to deice the walkway near his store. Hussain said Gateway Plaza was plowed and clean of snow and ice for the most part.

"It's not that bad this time. It's really cleaned very nice," Hussain said.


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