Cooler Temps Ahead for Patchogue

Say goodbye to the thaw – Old Man Winter is taking back his season in a hurry.

After a week of temperatures way above the average, Winter will make its return starting Monday evening as the first of three expected cold fronts makes its push across the northeast, including Patchogue.  

An extreme ridge in the jet stream allowed warmer air from the tropics to ride up along the eastern seaboard, bringing highs in the 60s in areas as far north as Philadelphia and near 50° around Patchogue. 

The first cold front on Monday evening will push through, bringing showers in its wake and a possibility of sleet or snow showers. The front will not be entirely strong, but high temperatures will return to a close-to-normal average of about 43° from Tuesday to Thursday.

A second cold front will pull down even colder air starting Thursday night. High temperatures around Patchogue will be from 35° to 40° from Friday to Sunday.

While forecasts can become unreliable at over a week out, especially as they have been this winter, general concensus among forecast models worldwide is a third cold front will push through the area by the first-half of next week. This front, if the models hold true, would bring record low temperatures as some the polar region's air mass will hang over the area.

Most of the forecast models show little-to-no precipitation around the area for the next half of the month – while snow cannot be ruled out, it should not be a major factor for the next few weeks.

As with any cold temperatures, remember to bundle yourselves warmly and keep from prolonged activities outdoors when temperatures drop belong freezing.

H. Marx January 15, 2013 at 10:31 PM
Guess that means we'll see a lot more grown men (can't call them adults) out wearing gym shorts. Unreal.


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