Good News: First Responders Deliver Premature Twins

A look at some of the inspiring headlines from around the region this week.

Christine Springer helped a Stony Brook mother through the premature birth of twin boys on Tuesday. (Photo Credit: Office of Steve Bellone)
Christine Springer helped a Stony Brook mother through the premature birth of twin boys on Tuesday. (Photo Credit: Office of Steve Bellone)
Here are some of the inspiring stories of the week, where community members sought to help others, or made headlines for their achievements.

Dispatcher, Fire Department Help Deliver Premature Twins

A Suffolk County Emergency Medical Dispatcher helped guide a Stony Brook mother through the premature birth of twin boys on Tuesday, according to a press release from the office of County Executive Steve Bellone.

Emergency Services Dispatcher Christine Springer, of St. James, took the 911 call at 1:42 p.m. on Tuesday from the 48-year-old woman, who was in her 27th week of pregnancy. When the woman, whose name was not released, said that she could feel the baby arriving, Springer immediately dispatched a Stony Brook Fire Department crew to assist her, relayed information to other dispatchers in touch with the crew that the woman was having twins, and then guided the woman through the baby's birth at 1:45 p.m.

Heroes Save Woman From Burning Vehicle in Smithtown

Alyssa Marie Fox is alive today thanks to Matthew Monahan and Joe Moscato. Monahan, a Commack volunteer firefighter, and Moscato, an engineer for the Long Island Rail Road, pulled Fox, 20, from a fiery crash in Smithtown early Saturday morning.

Intel Finalists on Long Island

Aron Coraor made history Tuesday night when the Huntington senior won sixth place honors in the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search, the premier high school science and math competition in the world.

John Anthony Clarke, 17, of Syosset, is one of 40 seniors nationwide recognized as finalists in the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search. Clarke attends Regis High School in Manhattan. Clarke took ninth place and received a $20,000 award for his research on X-ray emissions from the planet Jupiter, a gas giant that harnesses a powerful magnetic field.

Preeti Kakani and Kaitlyn Shin, seniors at Jericho High School, are two of only 40 students from across the United States who were named finalists in the 2014 Intel Science Talent Search.

Kakani is recognized for her project, "Differential Gene Expression Prior to Eye Opening in Mouse Superior Colliculus," while Shin is noted for her project, "Photon and Positron Emission from Primordial Black Hole Clusters."

Tobay Beach Holding First Polar Bear Plunge

Tobay Beach will be “Freezin’ for a Reason” later this month as it plays host to the first ever Town of Oyster Bay Polar Bear Plunge.

Residents from across Long Island are invited to take part in the March 29 event that will raise funds for Special Olympics New York.
YellowRockJohn March 16, 2014 at 11:20 AM
Good to read about these achievements.
Pat Richards March 16, 2014 at 02:49 PM
What's a "first responder"? Is it an EMT? A police officer? A firefighter? Or is it a "homeland security" word? Are there "second responders"? Third responders? No offense to EMT's or firefighters, but I think these "security", fear-based words need to stop being used and we return to the words we used to use before some of us went insane after 9/11.
Get Off My Lawn March 17, 2014 at 11:02 AM
At least they weren't called "Heroes". A term used way too much these days.
Steven Platz March 22, 2014 at 07:07 PM
The term First Responder refers to an actual certification put forth by the D.O.T in 1995, CFR or Certified First Responder. As the needs of our communities grew exponentially so did the training by your community volunteers as EMT is now the standard certification. The term First Responder is still used as a generic term to describe the prehospital care providers that respond to a scene, usually describing police, ambulance and fire responders. The reason that term is still used is because even during a routine call all three sometimes respond in conjunction with another and saying First Responders is easier than specifically cherry picking what services responded to a call. Not sure how you drew the conclusion that First Responder was a post 9-11 fear derived term, but the assertion is not a correct one.


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