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Height Restrictions on the Patchogue River to be Eliminated?

This blog is part of an ongoing effort by the Citizens Campaign for Open Village Government to inform residents of the policies and practices of our village government.

At the Jan 14, 2013 Village Board meeting, Trustee Tom Ferb will introduce a resolution to eliminate height restrictions in areas zoned e industrial, for example construction  on the Patchogue River.  At that time a public hearing on the matter will be scheduled.

Elimination of height restrictions  will do more than ease the way for the Fatfish project but has implications for future development on the river.

Interested parties can be heard by attending the village board meeting on Mon. Jan 14, 2013.  The new time for board meetings is 6pm.

For those unable to attend, a  reminder that village board meetings are now being videotaped and can be viewed on the Patch to learn more about this resolution.


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Joseph Adriano January 16, 2013 at 01:02 PM
Well if the Mayor doesn't have to recuse himself from voting on the purchase of a vehicle himself he pretty much doesn't have to recuse himself from anything, now does he? Does it not matter who is childhood friends are and whether or not he was trying to convince the Chairman of the ZBA to pass the fatfish application a few months ago? Does it not matter that one or two of the trustees live on the river and can personally be affected one way or another the height restrictions? Egan gots some splaining to do.
David Kennedy January 17, 2013 at 03:07 AM
Mr. Adriano, my point is on the code itself...it speaks to direct associations...i.e. value of adjacent property and/or ones financial connections to any developer or development being considered by the Village Board. Certainly, property values in a very immediate area around where property upgrades occur do increase. The code, as I read it, asks elected represents within extreme close proximity to refrain from being part of the decision making process. Why you bring the Mayor up in reference in this is beyond me, but it appears a trustee or two might live within property parameters the code specifies. And this in no way means there is something "underhanded" going on. That should be clear. The point to me is this: A code was written...what was its purpose? How does it apply? And what precedence will be set if this code does not apply here? Is this code even necessary or practical? (I think it is, if for only that it tries to remove even a perceptions favoritism.) Where is an opinion from an Ethics Committee? Isn't questions like this what an Ethics committee is for? Unfortunately I was not at the last Board Meeting (new time and all) so I look forward to see the video and Attorney Egan's comments. All the above questions are worth discussing....which I hope our Village Board will do before rushing to a final decision. Oh, and please don't forget to include and encourage resident opinion and participation before you do, too.
Joseph Adriano January 17, 2013 at 03:16 PM
Like I said, Egan gots some splaining to do... Are you suggesting someone on the board may have a financial interest in Tallfish? An "angel" investor so to speak? I have no evidence of that but I do know that Pontieri's buddies are partnering on the project. Ask the Chairman of the ZBA about it and what role Pontieri, Egan, Sloane and company have all played in trying to get these height variance approvals through. Go to the source and ask them. Also...most residences and/or businesses that are raising their structures due to Superstorm Sandy are raising it less than 5 feet. Do you believe this is the sole basis for this new revision to the code?
Ssmith February 06, 2013 at 10:05 PM
Some people live in the dark and use ignorance as an excuse. Try doing or saying something nice to someone. You will be surprised how good it feels. Concerned about all investors and residents of Patchogue!
Patchogue Snoop March 08, 2013 at 07:28 PM


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