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We are coming down the home stretch, we have blogged, we have listened, we have spoken, we have throw each other under the bus, we have agreed, we have disagreed...

We are coming down the home stretch, we have blogged, we have listened, we have spoken, we have throw each other under the bus, we have agreed, we have disagreed, we have called each other names,  we have mocked, we have taken verbal jabs at each other, we have expressed our concerns and our dissatisfactions, we have Patch and Schwartz reported.  We have spoken of Ethic Boards, Policy Committees, Citizen Advisory Boards, Citizen Issue Forums, and Communication problems.

If you listen to the words that WE have spoken, if you have attended at least ONE of Patchogue 2012, Resident’s First or Nu Village meetings, forums, or fundraisers you have been hearing everyone saying the same thing. WE can not all be wrong and WE all see there are problems, so it is up to US to work together to fix them. Put the key in the ignition, turn on the motor, check your mirrors and put the pressure on the pedal. No matter what part of the Trilogy wins the race, we all still live here. It would benefit us to look toward the future and learn from the recent past events.

It would eliminate a lot of wonder if there were clearly defined rolls for the Trustees with a certain amount of required time being spent on Village business. Everyone that enters into the politics of our Village should have the knowledge, time, energy and desire to truly serve. Clearly define the objective of having a Trustee and guidelines for what is expected. The same for the Mayor’s position or any other appointed board positions. 

A lottery maybe isn’t the answer but a lottery of screened qualified people might be. An Ethics Board, a Policy Committee, a Citizen Advisory Board are all the same in many ways. The fundamental common thread is that the people obviously want to be more a part of what goes on in our Village. Of course all odd numbered groups made up of people that represent all aspects of the community should be given consideration. Send a letter of inquiry to the Village there are positions open for a new Ethics Board (2) and on the Mayor’s proposed Policy Committee (5).

I ask everyone who has willingly put a sign on their front lawn for any one of the three groups running to continue the passion WE have seen, at meetings, forums and fundraisers and work to establish the much needed improvement of the communication in our Village between the residents and our elected officials. My daddy used to say to me, "When I am working hard at something, I don't take the advice of people who are standing around with their hands in their pockets."  

WE the PEOPLE – are putting our trust in our leaders. Allow us to respect you and follow you. Do not let our children look up to or know a Baseball, Football or Basketball star more than they admire or know the people that run our Village. Children can’t vote today, but they are influenced by what they see and hear, which shapes the adults they become. 

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henry r terry March 13, 2012 at 03:37 PM
Pontieri and the Suffolk DA foster NOSHOW JObs and Suffolk County Pension Fraud -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There is no Personnel list in Patchogue. This is a violation of NYS law, and allows those aligned with Pontieri to collect payment and pensions. I have Ms. De Stephano ,Chief of Classification for the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service. in a hour and a half taped telephone interview emphatically explaining how NO-show jobs are created in Suffolk County. Ms. De Stephano explains that friends of major politicians, such a Pontieri, are allowed to submit signed sworn-to duty statements which lack a job descrtion. Suffolk County personnel then files in the document to make it pass through the system allowing those receiving pay for illegal NO-Show jobs to receive benefits and pensions. She passionately tries to persuade me that the practice is so widespread that nothing can be done of this violation of law, in order to coverup the fake constabulary of Port Jefferson. Moreover the explanation of how entire illegal police depts are funded, is that Suffolk County does not require compliance with NYS pension fund and reporting law. I have emails that show ex Suffolk Attorney Christine Malafi reveals she is only concerned with avoiding lawsuits, and not protecting the Taxpayers money.
David Kennedy March 13, 2012 at 06:17 PM
Hello Chris, I have been reading all you posts with interest, and while I may not agree with everything (and who agrees with everything from anybody??) I do appreciate your keen insights. Obviously, as stated above, you share a love for Patchogue. Hopefully you are aware of NU Village, a new Civic for Patchogue. As we have stated repeatedly we plan to move forward in earnest after the election. It is time that our community had a go-to place to discuss all things Patchogue in an open forum outside a Village Board meeting where all sides, opinions and factions are welcome to present their points in a respectful and respected manner. Though we have had a few meetings with excellent, balanced discusions, what we are lacking is more people from the community like yourself to join in. Please forward your email to me at dmk11772@yahoo.com and I will make sure you are included in on all our notices on upcoming meetings, etc. And that goes for anyone reading this...all are welcome to join us. With this contentious election comming to a close the time is right to set a new tone in our Village, and to create a better, more open dialogue with our Village Officials. Whatever your position of the Tritec development, one thing we should all agree on is that the end result would have been more acceptable if there were more discussions about the project while it morphed from the original proposal to what we have today. Nu Village is committed to make sure that never happens again.
Eric Randall March 13, 2012 at 07:38 PM
I heard nu village is a flop!
David Kennedy March 13, 2012 at 08:59 PM
Hey Eric, you heard wrong...but why don't you find out for yourself and join us when we meet again.
Jennifer O'Gessee March 15, 2012 at 07:04 AM
I tried to comment, but when my comment exceeded the character limit it was erased and I was called "Tolstoy". Cute. Real cute.


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