Patchogue's Median Home Price Lower Than Nearby South Shore Towns

Economists say the national home median listing price won’t increase as rapidly as it did in 2013. Look at a map below of the median home listing price across town.

Credit: buffalogrove.patch.com/
Credit: buffalogrove.patch.com/

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The map above shows a snapshot of the median home listing price across town.

As the recovery is underway, you can find evidence of the housing market bouncing back.

By December 2012, the national median home listing price rose to 180,000 from 179,000 in the start of the year. 

In 2013, the median listing price rapidly increased so that it was at $199,500 by September.

While economists suggest the increase will continue into this year, they say it will not surge up as rapidly as it had this between 2012-2013.

The data in this map are from Zillow, a real estate Web site. Using your cursor, you can hover over any area of town and see in the box in the upper right hand corner of the map the percentage of homes whose values increased there. Zillow is a Patch Partner.

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John Bogack January 06, 2014 at 06:16 PM
I think in time Patchogue Village will be right up there in terms of a desirable address particularly south of Montauk Highway which is the case all along the south shore of the LI. Does make you think though whether it isn't time to start diverting tax dollars to every other street except for main street which now looks like it is doing good without the need for any more tax breaks and concessions that the resident tax payers are paying for. Every taxpayer in the village just paid almost 400,000 for a new roof for the Patchogue Theater. And it looks like they need another 1.5 MILLION dollars more to do additional renovations. I can think of other uses for that money: roads, sidewalks, getting our village really storm resistant and ready for climate change that is already here. Time to focus on our neighborhoods and when that happens all our house values will boost up too.
Patchogue Snoop January 08, 2014 at 08:29 AM
Keep believing John. Patchogue was forever destroyed(residential areas) by former crooked mayors in the 70s. Breakneck approval of multi- family housing located in former single family hotels. These slum properties and literally entire blocks were owned by the "connected". And guess who voted in lockstep with these crooks yes.......our very own Mayor PP. Of course there was a big fire in Patch Village Hall awhile ago that destroyed the records from this period. Ya know just a small one that only burned critical files..hmm. But in any case John, ask around about a mayor turned anti multi family from a multi family voting record. He was a trustee who turned out town into a slum just so he and his gang could line their pockets with unsafe boarding room housing he personally voter for. As, the entire administration run on the same ticket, they are all of the same ilk, during the seventies the corrupt( Senior bldg inspector who approved the final inspection for our old tier parking lot that collapsed, with NO FOOTINGS!) costing taxpayers over a million dollars to build and demo, would never ever enforce the code on these slum houses, he was controlled by the mayor(s) who was in it up to his eyeballs and owned the very same type of properties. Small town politics that never seems to change here in Pat Village. Oh, as for real estate prices we are like Mastic Beach in many ways. Substandard size lots, small homes, two family homes in the middle of major blocks vagrants that come from the Town of Brookhaven controlled east main street horror show hanging in the Village, crime etc all add up to lower property values South of Main Street here that will never rise to that of nearby towns. There is an old saying....Patchogue is the only town that gets worse the closer you get to the water. Still holds true here and Mayor PP was in it up to his eyeballs to make it so!!! I agree, under the PP Gang, patronage appointments skyrocketing, in the tank sweet deals for friends and operators of the Theater and everywhere in the Village for that matter and the residential areas suffer. Sh** roads, stink from sewers and plant, slam dunk zoning decisions for "buddies" of the PP party and on and on. The residents who work their arses off...get screwed by the PP party. Endless summer noise from bands to make a few connected barkeeps rich. Speeding drunks throughout the town. Constant DWI stops, crime rising..., roads crumbling, taxes rising at enormous rates every year this clown has been running things....you get the pic. I guess this is why he was thrown out of the very party he was representing, "Residents First". Mr DA where are you>>>>>>???? Gimmie a story and I will connect the dots for you.
Hipockets January 08, 2014 at 09:16 AM
John B. I have to agree with snoop on this one, Patchogue and the country for that matter will never be back to what I knew as I was growing up, I know things change but things in general are out of control. As for politicians I trust none of them because they all seem to be control freaks.


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