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Reader Feedback: Village Noise Issues

Patchogue Patch readers discussed noise levels in their neighborhood.

This week's Talk Back post asked Patch readers how they felt about noise in Patchogue Village, which is a subject that comes up frequently at Patchogue Village Board of Trustees meetings.

In the unscientific poll, 53 percent voted that their neighborhood is too noisy, to 46 percent that it is not.

Below are what has been said so far on the subject, add to the conversation by commenting below:

While I love music, some of the waterfront restaurants have PA systems that are just too loud. This is an intrusion on the peace of the River. It is interesting, if I played my stereo that loud, the Police would be by in 5 minutes... but a restaurant can Blast music at decibel levels that are unsafe and get away with it... just about every night! wonder why??

Totally out of control... there needs to be limits where, are the people in charge of the town. I guess they are not in ear shot and losing sleep over this problem. Our homes are suppose to be a safe place a place to regroup and find peace. People live on and around the river and we are forcing them away. The village is not doing what we voted them in to do... Why?????

John Bogack June 08, 2012 at 06:34 PM
Actually there seems to be some slow progress being made. But first this is not about putting anyone out of business. The village has become an entertainment destination and that is going to continue. It's matter of keeping a balance and that means for now controlling excess sound whether that is excess decibels, or keeping amplified music within the set curfew. In just the last few weeks the village has managed to fix and calibrate all its sound metering equipment so readings can be taken. Village trustees have been appealed to by a number of residents particularly around the riverfront asking for one simple thing: enforce the law at a minimum. The village has one of the most generous and loudest "limit" on sound decibels. Residents have asked that it be lowered to the same standard as Brookhaven Town, Islip Town and Bellport Village: 65 decibels and that is still pretty loud but a little bit less at least than the present 70 decibel limit. This may happen. There should also be new rules on how long amplified sound can be played. On Sundays for example some clubs start as early as 12:30 p.m. and do not stop until the legal limit of 9 p.m. every week of the summer season on top of daily open air concerts day after day after day week after week from May till the first cold days of September or October even. It's a lot of percussion to take and seriously degrades quality of life in those neighborhoods. Save the music by stopping the noise.
gee geem July 07, 2012 at 05:43 PM
Why doesnt everyone just mind their own business, and stop trying to control other peoples lives. Stop trying to get everything the way you want it. Live with it, and keep your nose out of other peoples choices...........
Patchogue Snoop July 07, 2012 at 05:58 PM
Gee.....can you explain your comment?


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