In response to Newsday, Opinion: Make sure LI can remain a food producer.

Vivian Viloria Fisher
Vivian Viloria Fisher

Vivian Viloria-Fisher for Brookhaven Town Supervisor;

A candidate working for the people of Brookhaven. 

In response to Newsday, Opinion: Make sure LI can remain a food producer.  August 18, 2013, by Amy Engel and Sarah  Eichberg.

Dear Editor,

            You may have seen former Legislator Vivian Viloria-Fisher by now in your neighborhood.  She has become a fixture knocking on doors and speaking with residents in the Town of Brookhaven about her past accomplishments, the state of the town, and her vision for its future.  Those who know Vivian know that she doesn’t let too much grass grow under her feet. 

            Ms. Viloria-Fisher, a former teacher, served as a Suffolk County Legislator from 1999 until she was term-limited out at the end of 2011.  She was enjoying time with her family, grandchildren, and many hobbies when she received the call that would change all that.  In April, Ms. Viloria-Fisher had a conversation with Anthony Parlatore, the new town Democratic chairman about running for Brookhaven Town Supervisor.  What inspired her to run, she said, was the town leadership’s response to the February blizzard, when Romaine was out of town and it took days to get some of the roads plowed.  “I didn’t like the way they handled the whole snow debacle.” she said.  Ms. Viloria-Fisher was also concerned about the GOP’s domination of the town board and highway department and pledged to break the partisan atmosphere at Town Hall.  “I want to bring a new face to Brookhaven”, she said. 

            Ms. Viloria-Fisher was a member of the legislature’s budget committee, providing her with valuable experience needed in an executive.  Ms. Viloria-Fisher was also the Vice Chairperson of the Suffolk County Social Services Committee and Chair of the Health & Human Services Committee.   Additionally, Ms. Viloria-Fisher was Chairperson of the Environmental, Planning, and Agriculture Committee, Chairperson of the Education and Youth Committee, and Chairperson of the Parks Committee.  Ms. Viloria-Fisher also served in the capacity of Deputy Presiding Officer for six years.   The wealth of knowledge gained from these positions over the years, in addition to her 30-year tenure of teaching, provides an ideal skillset for an executive such as the Brookhaven Town Supervisor.

            Your article, Opinion: Make sure LI can remain a food producer discusses the strengths and challenges food production and waste disposal can be on Long Island.  A study, released by Sustainable Long Island and Adelphi University’s Vital Signs Project, assessed the region’s food system and placed their conclusions in the Long Island Food System Report Card.

            Vivian Viloria-Fisher has read these conclusions and believes they are right on target.  Ms. Viloria-Fisher knows that we have a rich agricultural heritage, and continue to develop a great array of international cuisines that would satisfy the most discriminating palates.  Unfortunately we also have food deserts and families who, due to lack of access, money or education suffer from hunger and/or obesity.   


The Food Policy Council of Suffolk County was created through legislation that former Legislator Viloria-Fisher introduced in 2010.  Its stated purposes included food disparity, production, distribution, access to healthy food, communication along the food chain, and a number of other important challenges that we face on Long Island and throughout the nation. The Food Policy Council was the result of over two years of work with the Victory Gardens Task Force, a group that  former Legislator Viloria-Fisher formed in response to the query of a third grader who asked when she visited her third grade class , "Can Suffolk County help people afford healthier food?"  Ms. Viloria-Fisher learned of Food Policy Councils that have done remarkable work, on the State and local levels, in bringing together disparate constituencies to develop a better understanding of how choices made in the growth, production and distribution of our food impacts the health and economic vitality of a region.   


Ms. Viloria-Fisher attended a recent meeting of the council during which Ms.Thorsen, of Sustainable Long Island, reported on incentives employed in New York City and other municipalities that encourage the use of food stamps (SNAP) at farmers' markets.  Ms. Viloria-­­ Fisher stated that the ensuing conversation demonstrated the importance of a forum representing the various links in the food chain.  Island Harvest, Commissioner of Minority Health, Economic Development, Social Services all contributed to the conversation and will hopefully have an action plan in place for Suffolk County by the next meeting. 


Vivian Viloria-Fisher had a concept in introducing this legislation and that was that it be a regional initiative.  However, that would require companion legislation from the Nassau County Legislature.  Ms. Viloria-Fisher encourages our neighbors to the West to join Suffolk County in this endeavor.


            Ms. Viloria- Fisher is an energetic leader who seeks to create working solutions to meet the challenges that face a changing Long Island.  These are leadership skills important in an executive.  Ms. Viloria-Fisher also works with many stakeholders to reach these working solutions.  The next time you see Ms. Viloria-Fisher in your neighborhood, please stop and say hello.  She’d love to talk with you. 




Tracy Trypuc, RN, BSN

Candidate, MPH, MBA

Stony Brook





Patchogue Snoop September 01, 2013 at 09:06 AM
This is why we need less layers of Govt. The taxpayer is broke. I see a sea of white commuting vehicle at TOB headquarters but the town looks like s***. Trash on the roads(and snow!) potholes everywhere, business looking like crap, sign pollution everywhere, housing violations galore and on and on. But we should elect Ms Fisher because she is an advocate of farming in our "region". Amazing. I have an question. Let's stick to the basics, what do you propose to do for TOB residents as a possible supervisor. Hint......reorg on the non functioning and crime ridden Highway Dept, reduce taxes, improve roads, eliminate patronage jobs, pick up litter and start enforcing town codes.
Patchogue Snoop September 01, 2013 at 09:14 AM
And she needs a groupie to write her press releases. Warning....elitist personality profile. Snoop BS, MS, RP, and most importantly a fed up, broke taxpayer who is suffering because of oour broken government at all(too many) levels. PS Speaking of broke....due to Obamas failures on energy by preventing domestic oil drilling and forcing us to give our money to terrorists in the Mid East Get ready to pay over five dollars a gallon to heat your house, 4.50 to fuel your car to get to work, and skyrocketing electric despite our hacks in charge plan to dismantle LIPA. Tim Bishop eats caviar with his Manhattan libs and you go futher into debt. Get it.
annette kattau September 02, 2013 at 07:47 AM
The new announcement that rents will be 1300 ish.......those are within what the welfare department would pay.....only time will tell. There is no going back now....


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