Letter: Emergency Response by State, County, Town Questioned

Local resident says politicians didn't initiate any emergency plan for political reasons.

To the Editor:

In Long Island, Suffolk County this snowstorm hit hard, and thousands of people are stranded in their vehicles out on the road and they have nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

The local politicians including town and roadway supervisors, Congressman, and Governor Cuomo didn’t initiate any emergency plan to help citizens because they have intended to use citizens to bargain for more FEMA funding. No civil government officials should be using citizens hostage for their personal-political gain. Their political maneuver is not only hurting local citizens, it is also affecting countless businesses, and this is going to put a tremendous amount of financial burden on local people and businesses.

The politicians strategizing that they can get more funding from FEMA and Obama Administration, if they do not clear up the road and let the situation run as a “state of emergency.”

Another strategy politicians are proposing is to delay the cleaning of roads and delay assisting citizens so these politicians can bargain for a tax increase. They are intending to propose tax increase and they plan to say “we don’t have enough funding for an emergency plan to assist in clearing roads so we have to increase taxes on everyone including local citizens, and businesses."

Shaun Uddin
Three Village resident

Bob February 10, 2013 at 09:21 PM
Shaun Not surprised. Politicans use the people as pawns aand they have to keep them stupid to be successful. Unfortunately to many of our fellow citizens are perfectly happy with that.
D February 11, 2013 at 05:32 PM
The way this Blizzard came at us was so fast & furious, still I don't think Suffolk county was any more prepared, except for taking way LIPA's responsibility. My family was stranded in the Stony Brook Waldbaums shopping center, after picking up our son from work, until 2:30 in the morning Friday into Sat. You would think we were stuck in the middle of no where! Sure some strangers tried to help us and free up our car; but it was hopeless. Of course everyone suggested call 911, fire dept. etc. which we did.People finally left, stores closed & the plowers came out & just kept plowing us in, when we pleaded with them to help us. One guy in a bob cat was the only one to help us, but couldn't either. We called 911, (who could not come unless it was an emergency, I told them it would be if we can't get out),Town of Brookhaven Emergency Services, Stony Brook FD. who said the Waldaums center is not their district (who knew, since it is in SB), they told us to call the Centereach FD. and then we got referred back to County Services. We called Roadside Assistance and no one could come out. Finally Centereach First Responders ( 2 woman- Vickie & I think it was Eleanor), I actually don't remember both names; but they literally saved our lives), got us out of our car & to SBU hospital. Kept us warm & let us know we were safe. Never imagined this could happen! Disappointed for lack of emergency services in our area. Thank you, Thank you ladies from Centereach First Reponders!!!
clcl8388 February 12, 2013 at 02:14 AM
D: This did not happening in the middle of desert or mountain pass. This did not happen 300 years ago. This happened in SB Shopping Mall in 2013. Total failure of leadership if not on purpose. Is the town making residents suffer to receive cash from the federal government. Thank you, Patch, for revealing so many facts!! I started to look at Journalism very positively.
Stephanie Mitchell February 12, 2013 at 07:31 AM
I do not believe this at all.
Bill February 14, 2013 at 05:36 PM
I don't think our politicians can think that far. The only reason they are in politics is because they can't find and keep real jobs or they are bored rich people. The bored rich people is becoming the norm. How many of you can afford to "loan" your elections millions? But we the idiots keep electing them, although there is no choice any more. Where have all the great leaders gone? As for the last point, raising taxes, I could care less if they raised my taxes for services, my tax bill for my government services isn't that large anyway and they seem to be the only ones trying to live within the 2% cap. The part of my tax bill I can no longer afford is education and they could care less, they all just want more and more! If my Grandchild didn't live here I'd be living large anywhere south of DC.


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