Opinion: Keep Motorcycle Parking Solution Simple

Ken from Me4PortJeff.com blog talks about what needs to be done to accommodate motorcycles in Port Jefferson.

Motorcylces have always been a part of the background in Port Jefferson and they have also been a point of contention. Lack of parking and what to do about it has been a problem in the village for years.

The two issues have collided in the past and the Port Jefferson Business Improvment District is trying to help. The BID in in an agreement with the Brookhaven to pick up the tab for out-of-town bikers who want to park its with expanded space for motorcycles.

Ken over at Me2PortJeff.com blog commented on the proposal in a blog post on July 6. He said that "it isn’t a simple plan" and problems with it include "bookeeping, payment and limited resources of the BID."

What Ken proposes is a solution that follows his father's advice.

"One of my fathers favorite rules was 'Keep It Simple Stupid,'" he wrote. "Once again the Village officials are over thinking a really simple problem to motorcycle parking."

Read the entire post on Me4PortJeff.com here.

Michael A Evans LMT July 12, 2011 at 09:49 PM
So if it is a parking problem, the simple solution would be to encourage motorcycles, which take up far less space per vehicle, and get rid of the SUVs. I fail to see how motorcycles have become so thoroughly entwined in the matter other than through the prejudice and discrimination of certain BID members.
Sam July 13, 2011 at 09:19 AM
The motorcycles are NOT a problem. In fact two motorcycles can park in one space! In addition, most of the motorcycle riders actually purchase items and/or food which is more then I can say for about half of the other visitors. I have met many people that go to Port Jeff, especially in summer months, I have to say that the motorcycle 'crowd' are decent, intelligent and caring people. Many have high paying jobs and some are executives. They often mind their own business or look to help someone in need rather then look the other way and pretend they don't see anything! Plus, they might scare/keep away some of the drifters and crime intenders that PJ might have an awful lot more of! So, if the 'noise' bothers you please re-adjust your thinking. They are much more of an asset then a problem.
greencap July 13, 2011 at 03:15 PM
I live downtown and I have to say that some people in this village are being unreasonable to people on motorcycles. It is funny that the argument is parking since as you see in that photo there are over 10 bikes in 2 spots. Then the other argument is they just hang out and do not spend money which is untrue. First off who doesn't "hang out" downtown in the summer. That is what it is for. I guess that SUV full of children that gets 1 ice cream and wanders the streets should be banned because the motorcycle customers are creating more business per space than them. Secondly, yeah the bikes are loud, but it is downtown and I know they rumble by my place all the time. I chose to live here and that comes with a downtown area. I noticed last summer that the police were sitting by the gas station and harassing all motorcyclists coming down and leaving. This is complete garbage and it is embarrassing to me as a resident that we have to be known as some intolerant old coots due to a few on our board. Mayor Garant is in support of the motorcyclists I have written her before. PJV should welcome all, not just people seeking frozen desserts and stuff for 50+ women!


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