Patchogue Chamber: We Are Now Patchogue.Com!

Message from Mindy Skura, President of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce.

In October, I commenced my administration with a vision- to grow the Chamber and make it financially sustainable.   

The first six months were a tad disparaging. Then the sun shone bright with April's arrival. My goal of a 25% increase in membership was achieved, plus more, when Doug from Maptoons advised us we had 162 new members!   

July 4th's fireworks exploded early when Kelleen Guyer offered the Chamber first dibs on her 100,000 hits a month site- patchogue.com. The Executive Board all agreed that we HAD to find a way to purchase this explosion of opportunity. It would bring our Chamber to a level we all had only imagined. Instead of our Website remaining as mainly a members to members perk- we would now have a portal on the Web for the Community, where we could highlight our own websites, business deals, job opportunities and all local events.   

And so I found a way to buy our hope. With the support of the Knapp-Swezey Foundation, and my profits from last years - we have now entered the big leagues on the Web. If you haven't taken a moment- please take a peek, WE ARE NOW - www.patchogue.com 

At this moment, we are shy $2000, which is due in September. And this is where I need the Community's support. The Chamber will be selling raffle tickets for a huge basket filled with gift certificates and merchandise at each Alive After Five this summer. WE NEED YOUR HELP- Please either stop by the Office (15 North Ocean Avenue, Patchogue) and PURCHASE a few raffle tickets- $1 each or 6/$5 or you may purchase them at the Chamber Table the next 3 Alive After Five's. (Friday's- July 20, Aug 10 and Aug 17th) 

Contributed by Mindy Skura, President of the Greater Patchogue Chamber of Commerce.

Mindy July 13, 2012 at 01:18 PM
The Chamber as a group, has not declared a position on Tritec and the Four Corners. Several of our members, including myself, are personally against the project as it stands now- 291 rental units. But I will emphasize again- this is NOT THE CHAMBER'S POSITION!! The Chamber has asked the Village and the BID to form a group that will meet monthly to discuss any proposed changes, such as the sign requirements. Presently, the ARB does not have a set code book. Each applicant who appears before them gets to state their intent, and it is then decided by the ARB whether it is an appropriate project for the Village. There needs to be more specific guidelines put in place. When I wrote I was disparaged the first 6 months, it was not against the Admisistration or anyone in particular. We have 3000 functioning busiesses in Patchogue. To receive only a handful of new Members each month is upsetting. We can only succeed as a Business Organization if we all support each other and work together. Flo's on the Go has decided against pursuing their new venture this year. The majority felt the location wasn't appropriate, and apparently there is already a food service down at the Beach Club area. Please feel free to contact the Chamber or myself with any ideas, suggestions, or issues. Our new Website allows us to be avaiable 24/7! Mindy
Judy Pepenella July 13, 2012 at 03:36 PM
Congratulations to the Chamber of Commerce for this new 'birth' to their family and for working so hard to grown the businesses and image of the businesses in Patchogue Village. It is refreshing to see growth in the private industry market place. Private business development is the only way we will get new jobs into our Village and the only way we can keep people employed in Patchogue.
WormTurn July 13, 2012 at 04:16 PM
Agreed, the economy is certainly beginning to turn around. All this despite the nonstop obstructionism from the GOP-controlled House. Glad to see you noticing the positive economic changes in the village Judy!
WormTurn July 13, 2012 at 04:18 PM
Mindy, as a member of the Chamber, I find your comment about "your" profits from Alive After Five interesting. You do mean the "Chamber's" profits, right? This organization does not belong to any one person and the monies it earns do not belong to the sitting president or any other individual, right? Please clarify what you meant.
Mindy July 14, 2012 at 11:52 AM
Wormturn, I apologize! Vinny Grucci began Alive After Five with a vision. It was trifold- to bring people from all over into our Community to showcase Patchogue, to give our Members a venue to sell and give out information, and to bring needed revenue into the Chamber. Unfortuately, during his tenure, his desires never materilized to the level he had hoped. I took over 6 years ago, and made Vinny's hope a reality with the help of the Office staff and a few other Chamber members.. Yes this is a Chamber event- and all the monies belong to the Chamber. But, because I have spent so much of my time and energy on it over the years, I have a tendency to call it "mine". The Bylaw Committee actually changed our Bylaws about 6 months ago. All monies generated by each Committee is no longer considered"that Committees" funds. They are all Chamber funds. But when you do look at the financial report they are line itemized. We do allow each Committee to use them for their needs. But if the Chamber does need funds, they can use these monies with approval from the Board. Mindy


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