Pigeon Found Dead in Patchogue

A pigeon passed away early this morning near Montauk Highway in Patchogue. 

The bird, most likely named Petey, a longtime resident of the village, was hatched in a rusted gutter on East Main Street in the spring of 2011.

At approximately 10:00am, Petey Pigeon was found belly-up on the sidewalk in front of the Patchogue Village Chamber of Commerce office on North Ocean Avenue. While the cause of death is still under investigation, it can only be speculated that Petey met his end as the result of some weird and gross pigeon disease. Petey will be remembered by villagers for his brilliant plumage and his advanced musical talent, which was acquired while studying at the Pigeon Center for Cooing Theory, located in the sewage waste line behind the library.

The mayor’s office, obviously overwhelmed with emotion, declined to make an official comment.

“Clearly, this is a serious blow to the village,” said one official who wished to remain anonymous. “The community will feel this loss for years to come. Excuse me,” he said, wiping a single tear from his eye.

Petey will be laid to rest in Cedar Grove Cemetery on Jennings Avenue. The family has requested a private burial, but donations may be made in Petey’s name to the Statue and Monument Defecation Alliance (SMDA). Petey Pigeon is survived by his loving wife Pricilla, his 22 children and 74 grandpigeons, all which live at that house on North Ocean Avenue near the Christian Science Center. 

You know, the one that always has, like, a million pigeons hanging out on the telephone wires.  

Ben Vitale March 09, 2014 at 12:22 PM
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Dennis Barone March 09, 2014 at 03:11 PM
It seems that some of the former detractors of this kind of runaway govt are now proponents due to patronage to keep them quite...can you think of anyone. PS I have been trying to smell the roses but all I can smell is crap and corruption. The pigeon is better off than this village is....funny isn't it ???
Robert Fleming March 12, 2014 at 08:20 PM
Wow, I never thought something like this would generate so many comments, let alone a discussion about local politics, first amendment rights and everything in between! I appreciate the kind words everyone. Thank you for reading! I'm sure there will be more in the future...
Dennis Barone March 13, 2014 at 02:10 PM
I meant no offense to you my Fleming. Just a concern for my village
Patchogue Snoop March 15, 2014 at 02:51 PM
Right on Dennis. The drones have drank from the fountain of PP....they are lost forever. Joe "the hack" Dean...former school janitor, witness to all, now retired double dipper earning 100K a year plus unlimited self authorized OT and tooling around in Mayor PPs old, clapped out, 1995 dog of a truck he actually laundered back to the Village at over market price through his cousin. Proof enough for a fraud rap in my book. He should be in jail but the king rules.....for now. Hey Mayor, how much of the taxpayers money did you spend on your personal use, no official plated SUV? Ya know the one you cast the tie breaking vote for, the one we the taxpayer maintains and fills with thousands and thousands of gallons of gas so you can travel beyond village limits to attend Tritec pep rallies. We know you are their biggest fans now. How were the Yankee games you are shown in photos attending on their dime, how about the plays, meals....job for friends. Please answer us....defend yourself like a man. Prove me wrong, silence is the same as guilt in my book. No stupid statements like I didn't know that. No dumb looks. No lies.


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