POLL: Following the Failed Budget, How Should the School District Proceed?

The school board has a few options.

Now that the Three Village Central School District failed to get a supermajority of voters to approve the $178.6 million budget, the district has multiple ways to proceed:

  • It can put the same budget up for a revote, which would again require a supermajority of voters to approve it.
  • It can put a revised budget of up for a vote.
  • It can go right to a contingency budget with a 0 percent tax levy increase, which would require about $5.7 million more in cuts.

Interim superintendent Neil Lederer has said in the past he will recommend the school board adopt a budget at the tax levy increase cap of 2.99 percent. Three Village's tax cap is higher than 2 percent for reasons including the decreased about of state aid the district will receive from New York State coffers.

The second vote will take place on June 19. What do you support? Log in to Patch and vote in the poll or add a comment below.

Disgusted! May 20, 2012 at 03:32 AM
It's about time Well said Had Enuf. Reading this thead, i am wondering - where has everyone been all these years - i guess noone comes out to vote - or the teachers keep lobbying students to tell their parents to keep voting yes (which is a fact - they actually do lobby students and sent kids door to door in the neighborhood) - how disgusting and abusive. Its about time this district took a hard line. We all preach about no bullying in school - ironically this is exactly what the teachers union has been doing to this district - bullying taxpayers and threatining to cancel sports, kindergarten, and other school activities. The district should answer back loud and clear. no program cuts - instead we cut teachers (or they give consessions to save some jobs) that's exactly how thinhgs work in the real world - time to take the hard line and say we had enough of bullying!!
Disgusted! May 20, 2012 at 03:41 AM
the only group compromising our childrens future is the teachers union! Property values will slump even further if our taxes continue to sky rocket - wake up and smell the coffee - this district is getting worse each year thanks to the teahcers who have sat back and coasted for years collecting their salaries. There is no incentive or pay for performance like the real world. The system is broken thanks to the teachers union. It is not sustainable and if we don't address it now - it will continue to get worse - taxes get higher, property vlaues get lower - it is a simple equation!
C. Berry May 20, 2012 at 01:23 PM
I voted No and will continue to vote No. When I moved here 15 years ago my taxes were 12,000 now they are 24,000+ and cont. to go up. I DO NOT WANT TO afford these taxes any longer. The only thing we need to educate kids are the rooms/books and the teachers. I Do NOT want to pay for all the after school sports/programs and (the salaries that go along with them) in my taxes every day for the rest of my life. Come up with a system that lets you pay for your own child and their interest while they're in school. When they're done you're done paying. It's unnecessary. We must get rid of the wasteful administrative spending - too many superintendents and asst. superintendents - get rid of all the TVSD vehicles that are driven by the employees(so unnecessary-who even does that anymore except TV??) There are so many places to cut back - Let's try 0 increase and see what happens - It will all be fine and we can cut some fat!
Its Over May 20, 2012 at 01:57 PM
No one should be punished for doing well. I will continue to vote no. Don't forget this year has no salary increases. They deferred the raises until 2014. What will they expect then?
Another Educator May 24, 2012 at 10:25 PM
Mentoring for new teachers is mandated and important but school districts are not required to provide the mentoring by releasing multiple teachers from their assignments and replacing them with new hires. Other districts provide the mentoring in much more cost effective programs.


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