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Poll: Should Village Board Meetings Be Televised?

Would you watch Village Board meetings from home?

Discussion regarding possibly putting Village Board of Trustees meetings on television have taken place at recent board meetings at .

Regional television provider, Cablevision, is required to have public access channels for locally produced content. Brookhaven Town Hall already uses the channel at times to broadcast their meetings.

So if Patchogue Village Hall were to do the same, would you watch? Vote in our poll and sound off additional thoughts in the comments below.

Pat January 08, 2012 at 12:38 PM
Why not harness the power of the internet? That way anyone who wants to learn more can view the meetings at any time. CSPAN archives every word uttered on the record by Congress, we could at least have a youtube channel. I know Patch.com has the necessary tools to upload video and give people the option to make their voice heard. Even if the village wants to set up their own channel (similar to Brookhaven Town Hall), why stop at television?
Richard Kemp January 15, 2012 at 04:17 AM
Absolutely 100% It is just a matter of time anyway. Too much is being edited out of the audio portion of Patchogue Village Public Hearings and Public comment. You Heard right I said edited out of DVD's obtained via FOIL .And the village Attorney claims that it is something that was inaudible,His own voice and my reply to him completely edited out of a DVD. not even one sound,portions just completely edited or removed from the DVD-result-Minutes that may not be accurate. Much of the minutes for the past few years appear with "Speaker inaudible,Broken Tape,etc,only thing is this started when it was time for "The public to be heard Portion of the meeting "only Finally some soul with half a brain must have decided Gee the minutes only have problems when it is the public to be heard,never one of the Trustees or Mayor so finally they were included in this scheme. Patchogue needs a new Clerk in addition to a new Mayor. We do not need another Dictator, but someone who listens to the people and I mean all the time,not just when it is re-election time.


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