Question: Bay Elementary Principal Firing?

What are your thoughts?

A school official confirmed to Patch that Dr. Peter A. Nicolino, principal of , was after a 5-2 vote from the Patchogue-Medford Board of Education on Tuesday.

Jamie July 09, 2011 at 02:15 AM
All time low, yes and it seems to me that allegations being made. However these allegations are against the board. The previous individuals posting here should refrain from baseless attacks in the heat of an emotional issue. You do not know what the board knows and their hands are tied. They can not speak due to both the rights of the principal and those who may or may not have come forward. Shame on all you posters for doing, what you accuse the board of doing. You have no evidence to determine facts in this case. Based on their actions over the past few years, I have renewed faith that the Board is doing the right thing. If you feel you have a right to know, that information can only come from the principal. Ask him to release all the information. If the Board does it, they place not only the Bay community in financial jeopardy, but the entire district.
Marnie Papele July 09, 2011 at 03:00 AM
Jamie you are right to an extent but since you obviously do not have a child in Bay or you would know that this has been an ongoing personnal attack on this man by a few BOE members for the last year and that is no secret. Mr Lochiavo made a public statement at the last BOE meeting just this week stating as much. Had you been in attendance at this one or any of the ones just prior to this you would be aware of it. And I did say a few board members not all. And unfortunaley this Board has just put us in jeopardy because anyone who has followed this story for the last year knows that this has litigation written all over it...we can't afford teachers but now we will have to pay to defend this on my dime......So yes when my 9 year old is jammed in a class w/ 30 kids because we can't afford to pay teachers their salaries THEY DEMAND.....but the boe makes knee jerk decisions that i am sure is going to cost us a great deal in the long run...yes i have every right to voice my opinion
Jamie July 09, 2011 at 03:13 AM
Marnie, you may be right. I don't know. What I do know is that the general public can never really find out what occurred unless the accused and the accusers agree to waive the right and release the information. As to Mr. LoSchiavo's comments, they disturb me. He should not be speaking in public about information obtained in a confidential setting. As I recall he was on the Board the last time that happened, and knows full well the cost of that litigation. I did not see comments made by any other Board members. If they exist please point me to them and I'll withdraw my comment. My point is both the Board and the public should take a deep breath. This is emotional. The board has to remain silent to protect the district and the public should trust they did the right thing. Throwing accusations at the board will do nothing to obtain information, but will only serve to bring us back to the unproductive days of the previous superintendent. We have moved past that, let's continue to move forward.
Christie July 09, 2011 at 03:58 AM
I have to say that I have been in the company of Dr. Nicolino on numerous occasions and he always was a professional gentleman. As a parent he always showed care for the welfare of his students in a educational environment that he was responsible for. Like I said before our biggest loss is someone's greatest gain and I have no doubt that you will find him in another district for other districts know that we always let the good ones go. Some child and his family in a community that a school is in will be very lucky and happy to have obtain Dr. Nicolino and there new Principal. I wish him well and ask that he not forget his supporters his friends his family at Bay Elementary.
Marnie Papele July 09, 2011 at 03:59 AM
Just to clarify...the statement that Mr Lochiavo made was at a public BOE meeting...he was not discussing anything from a private session. He was well within his right to make a statement in regards to how he felt about the situation. But once again if you have been following this for the last 15 months as others have you would be more aware of the situation and what has been taking place. No one is throwing accusations to obtain information. The parents of this community are outraged that this has taken place after we have fought very hard to keep a principal whom we all respected and our children loved. He was a decent guy who loved his job and loved the kids. Now are kids are the ones who are going to suffer And please investigate for yourself what has taken place...everyone should to make sure nothing like this can happen again...because this has brought us back more then you are even aware of.


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