Question: What Stores Do You Want Downtown?

New retail space is coming, what businesses should take it?

There are already many downtown businesses in Patchogue, and more on the way with the recently approved  that will bring 46,000 square feet of retail and 18,000 square feet of office space. There is also the new 31 West Main Street building that already has some office space occupied.

What businesses would you like to see move into these spaces? A book shop? Another restaurant? Clothing?

stephanie May 24, 2011 at 11:50 AM
So the only drunks in the Village are drinking in the alleys? Well, I too live in the village and the drunks in the alleys are not hopping in cars and driving down Cedar Ave . blowing through stop signs. There are many .many young people drinking in these bars and then getting in cars and driving. It is not a generalization. It is a fact, more bars are the last thing the Village needs.
Scott May 24, 2011 at 12:15 PM
Successful villages, at least the size of Patchogue, are very dependent on entertainment. Bars are a big part of that. There are different types, obviously, which cater to different demographics. Drunk driving is a problem, period, it is not exclusive to Patchogue. Also, living in the village, you must notice the non-stop speeding down streets at all hours by all types of people, not just the "drunks" you mentioned. To generalize that these problems are mostly if not all because of bars is way off base. I'm happy you did the necessary research to determine that bars being the last thing Patchogue needs is a fact. The village needs more restaurants and those restaurants often have a lively bar scene within them which is needed to pay the bills.
stephanie May 24, 2011 at 12:21 PM
If you think having so many bars is not part of the problem then you are way off base.As of now we have more bars and restaurants than Sayville, yet , Sayville is still the more attractive option. We need shoppers, not drinkers. The only options we have now are Payless and Burlington???
Scott June 07, 2011 at 07:47 PM
There is plenty of vacant space for both retail and entertainment. The village needs more of both, it's not an either or situation. Patchogue is different than Sayville, not every village has to be the same. Another thing with the "drunks" driving down Cedar, how many people who frequent the Patchogue bars and restaurants live down there? Not many if any. Most are coming from out of town, as a result heading East or West on Montauk Highway or North on North Ocean or Waverly.
cassandra house December 16, 2011 at 08:04 PM
1- starbucks is a terrible idea. roast is doing just fine. 2- hibachi place is going to be awesome. i think there are enough choices of restaurants already existing in patchogue ( peruvian, columbian, thai, barbeque, breweries, food bars, wine bars, pubs, steakhouses, etc) & this is a welcome addition to the family. 3-don't hate on the drinkers in this town. they are not just irresponsible people (most of those are actually not from here), they are the working class, the homebrewers, the wine drinkers, the appreciators, the merry. they are the people who pour their good spirit and money into this town & the amount of revenue we see strictly just from beverage sales is not something to scoff at. plus, some people on the board actually make beer for a living. 4- stop praising sayville. that place has more of a secret drinking problem than anywhere (just sayin). the traffic is atrocious pretty much always, and there is some old money that can shop at snooty establishments. good for them. we are not sayville. thank god. yes, i agree, we need a damn clothing store. not burlington, or payless, or rainbow, but somewhere that one can buy a respectable article or accessory as a gift or whatnot and it be made well , but also not cost a fortune. i think a general store maybe featuring handmade artisan crafts would be nice. the vendors @ AA5 & GSBM were awesome, but nowhere to be found without a festival. we need a place all the hip awesome people who live here can shop.


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