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Reader Feedback: Carnegie Library Going to Pat-Med Library

Patch readers discuss the awarding of the Carnegie Library.

In , Patch readers were asked about their feelings of the being the ability to expand into the Carnegie Library on Monday by the Patchogue Village Board of Trustees.

Below are some of the comments, with some readers interestingly wanting the historic building to be moved out of Patchogue Village into Medford for the expansion.

Read the comments below and feel free to use the comments section to add to the discussion.

I've never seen the inside of the Carnegie Library, but if it is as well appointed architecturally on the inside as it is on the outside it would make an ideal reading room for researchers. It could become an archive for primary documents unmatched on the island.

That is an excellent suggestion Mr. Smith! I have been on the inside a few months back before the move and it is in fine condition considering was vacant for about 15 years.

And in fact, in relation to your suggestion, some in the Friends of the Carnegie have suggested an idea that would meld the two proposals made for a future use. As you probably now know...the Patchogue/Medford Library has accepted ownership of the building, which is wonderful for the community. As was stated by the Library Director, they want the building because they need more space and have propossed to use the building as a Young Adult Center.

This is certainly an excellent proposal with tremendous community benifit. Still, a second proposal was made for the Carnegie, by the Greater Patchogue Historical Society that has been, for years, looking for a place to display the treasure trove of Patchogue releated historical artifacts, which would also be a great use.

Some in our group, my self included, are proposing a "mash up" of the two proposals. What if the Library moved all it's historically related items, including research materials, archives, and the local history room, as part of an overall Historical Museum and Research Center? This also would provide a tremendous community benifit. 
Further, I think what is important now that any plan be discussed throughly in public before a final determination is made. The community has shown great entusiasm for this building and should be harnessed.

What many in the community may not be aware of is that the Library is run by an elected Board of Trustees that do meet publicly. The Friends of the Carnegie do want to work with the Library and hope to encourage them to hold some public forums before any final plan is made. We, of course, will continue to keep the community informed as renovation and utilization plans move forward.

David, If the library plans to invest money on a "historically correct" renovation of the inside of the Carnegie building, it would make a beautiful home for a "historical museum and research center". What a treasure it would be.

Here is my concern about combining that use with a young adult center. Most teenagers have not developed an appreciation for things that are delicate, historical, or treasured in special ways. They write and carve their names into things, put their feet on everything, and rough house to get a laugh from their friends. I think that if the library moves some of their treasures into the Carnegie, and if that frees up some space in the library, they could make a nice youth center in the library itself. They could furnish it in a "youth friendly" manner.

I just don't see how my two visions of a "historical museum and research center" and an area designed and furnished for "young adults" to enjoy and thrive in, mesh together. If the two uses are going into the same building, try to come up with a plan that works independently for each vision. Just some things for you to think about.

A while back the Library wanted to build a building in Medford and it was shot down. Well folks here is a building. Lets move it to Medford and use it as an extension of the Library. That will have more hours open for the people who live in Medford and can't get to the Library.

Hello Lee,

I concur with you...I was not propossing combining w/ a Young Adult Center, I was suggessting an alternative to the Young Adult center that would still have the building owned by the Library, still provide the Library more space, and combine with the Historical Society'sproposal...under this idea I would suggest as you do that room would be provided at the current Library for an expanded Young Adult section.

The Carnegie Library is not big enough, certainly for both a Young Adult center and Hitorical Museum and Research Center.

Still, my most important point is that now that the Libray owns the building I am hopeful they are open to engaging the public on different use ideas before they make a final decision.

Hi Dave, As always, you have done a great service to this community by single handedly saving a treasured landmark. 
Nominations for D. Kennedy for Village Historian. 
What are your thoughts on the library moving to Medford. The school district owns Peppermint Park, o.ly the corner of 112 & Jamaica. Any thoughts. Years ago, that was the site of the Medford Schoolhouse.

Ha!, Thanks Joe, but I would nominate as Historian fellow Friend of the Carnegie Library Steve Lucas. His knowledge of Patchogue History is stellar...I remain a student at best.

As for moving the Carnegie to Medford, as a student of Patchogue History, as well as a Village resident, I admit I woud be reluctant, given it's strong ties to Patchogue.

Still, with that being said, I also respect the Library is now owned by the Patchogue/MEDFORD Library and that any decision by them in how it will be used should be a benifit to all residents, Medford included, since their taxes will be paying for this as well.

I am aware there was a push for a Library Annex for Medford, but a bond resolution to fund that was defeated, I believe, a year or so ago, so maybe this building would make it possiblity again, not sure. I would certainly question the cost and feasiblity of moving it to Peppermint Park after witnessing what it took to move it just a few blocks.

Still, though, I repeat that now the most important thing the Library should do is continue a public discussion so a concensus for the best use can be established by the community. If that concensus decided a move to Medford was best, I certainly then could support that.

I do not have enough background on this issue (ie. cost of transfer, what it does to/for the Village Budget, what it does to/for the Library budget, end goals for the Library, etc); however, we are talking about a library taking over a library facility. Actually this type of a transfer makes sense to me. 
Can anyone fill me on on the above cost ramifications to both the Village and the Library with this transfer? 
I concur that the youth/young adult library idea is risky concept. I do like the idea utilizing the location as a museum AND a research center . 
The idea of utilizing Peppermint Park/Medford location is an interesting one. That would give the residents of Medford a closer outlet to the Patchogue Medford Public Library. Not sure on the zoning requirements for parking, but love that idea.

Hello Judy, the exact details of cost ramifications are yet to be determined. What I do know is the Village was gifted the building by Tritec at no cost, but Village became responsible for maintance costs while they own, which includes insurance and the equipment now holding up building.

The Village has agreed to give the building to the Library with the intention it would be also at no cost, but the exact details on how this transfer will occur and if the County needs to be involved w/ the transfer is currently being worked out based on municipal laws and regulations.

Once the transfer occurs it would then be property of the Library and they will be responsible for all costs to maintain, restore and make usable. Currently, the Library is proposing to use as a Young Adult Ceneter and also states they beleive all costs can be worked out within their current budget as well as from grants and donations. No specific cost analysis has yet been presented, which is not surprising since the intent to Transfer was only made this past Monday.

But as I assume you allude to Judy, costs and impact to the taxpayer remain unclear and another reason why some public forums on this by the library and imput from tax payers in the furture will go a long way to maintain the broad community support that has existed thus far to save and put to use this vital piece of our history.

Yeah my guess is that it would be way costs prohibatlve to move anyway. With all the power lines having to be removed and then replaced. Just and idea.

How about putting the Medford back in the PM Library? There need to be a branch in Medford!

Thanks for the follow up David & Joeseph.

they spent a million to move it they will spend anouther five million to restore it and they want to use it as a teen center? that the kids will abuse. at least as a historical muesum all residents can utilize it and it may atract some tourism which will add revunue to local bussinesses.

I am so glad the Carneigie library was save! Not only is it an important piece of Long Island history, but also of American history. The first library I ever used in Patchogue was in the Carneigie building. In fact, it was the first library my daughter used, also. I think it would be entirely appropriate to house the Long Island historical documents owned by the Library, along with artifacts and other items of historical interest. I really don't see how a youth room would fit into this. While I'm reasonable confident that the young people who would be interested in using the room would be respectful of it, kids tend to get noisy, and move around a lot, use cell phones, etc. It would be distracting to those who would do research in the facility, or who would use it for quiet study. As for a library in Medford, I say go for it. There must be an existing building that could be used to house a branch. The small Carneigie building would be unsuitable, it would soon be outgrown, and the cost of moving it would probably be astronomical.

Wendy Blake August 17, 2012 at 08:54 PM
I agree with David Kennedy that the best use of the building would be to house the Historical Society and all of the documents relating to Patchogue that the library has. It seems to be the perfect combination of Patchogue history and would provide an ongoing resource for the community which has such a rich history!


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