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Reader Feedback: Swezey's Demolition Reactions

Patchogue Patch readers discuss Wednesday's start of demolition of the Swezey's department store on Facebook.

Demolition on the abandoned Swezey's department store to make way for Tritec Real Estate company's  New Village plan, and Patchogue Patch readers have been commenting ever since.

Below are some of the reactions posted to the Patchogue Patch Facebook page. Discussions are also happening in our and the accompanying . And feel free to add your thoughts in the comments section below.

  • Mike Evans I hope they at least got some high quality pictures of the artwork. 
  • Alice Mary Funny I lived in patchogue from the age of 8-18 and barely recall the mural...so nice but sad to see it go 
  • Kimberly Piretti McBride Disgraceful. I think of the etched bank sign they uncovered years ago above the Bank of America. We have that to remind us of that time in Patchogue's history. The murals around Patchogue are disappearing one by one. Eventually there will be no standing history, and it seems that the people that care don't matter.
  • Erik Schmalenberg yes clearly the village doesn't care about its history anymore. it's not like they're moving an entire building across town, just because it's a historic landmark. oh wait.
  • Scott Trinkwald How do some of you propose they preserve these murals? Keep the dilapidated and dangerous buildings standing just as a sort of giant frame?
  • John Canary Nothing a bunch of paint and creative minds can't re-do. That old death trap needs to go...Sorry just how I feel..And Patchogue will never be the way it used to.....All pride has gone 10 years ago......
  • Karen Carmen Kraus I don't think they should keep the dangerous building...it's kinda sad to see the mural go is all..Patchogue looks alot better than about 17 years ago when I moved to the area
  • Lorinda Lund I agree about the building, it was dangerous it had to go and there could be another mural painted on the new building. After all Artspace is across the street, we have plenty of talent to do it :)
  • Kathleen Viger Rubinstein I disagree...history can't be replaced but it can be maintained. We don't need another apartment style structure complex here that will add to our already overburden school district! I moved to Patchogue 24 years ago because of its historical structures and the deep history it offers. I grew up on the North Shore ---Commack --where it was all new and I prefer Patchogue.
  • Kimberly Piretti McBride I propose scaled down reproductions in an area not going to be demolished. I agree there is plenty of talent to do it. A courtyard in the new complex where the children will play and they could see and read snipits of their towns history.
Sandy Hamilton June 30, 2012 at 02:56 AM
The building was old and dumpy with all the add ons. I miss the store Swezeys not the building. Loved to shop in that store. Never walked out empty handed....
VillageResident June 30, 2012 at 12:32 PM
The southwest corner of Patchogue's "Famous Four Corners" has had many changes over many hundreds of years. None I think have been as ill conceived as the Tritec modification of that historic spot. What saddens me most is not the demolition of the old Sweezy's building but what this "Tritec Improvement" is going to do to the downtown area and ultimately the Village, our thriving and great downtown businesses and the unnecessary burdens this debacle will cause to Village residents.
Al Lofaso July 01, 2012 at 11:11 PM
Glad to see the crappy old buildings go.
Jonn Mulry July 06, 2012 at 01:31 PM
picked up my Scout uniform from Swezey's in 1968. au revoir memories


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