Rock your life. Decide your goals, your ambitions and your dreams. Don't just go through life, live life and live it to the fullest.
What do you love, what are you curios about, interested in?
What do you like sharing with others?
What have you thought about and not gone for?
What's unique and different about you that you can share and contribute to make this world a better place?
Your special in your own way. Have pride, love and faith in yourself. Have dignity, do you and do you the very best that you can.
Setting goals is so very important. It's so easy to wrapped up in all that life challenges and the busy day to day. Before you know it time has been waisted and you look back with the I should have and could have mentality. If I only did this, if I only opened my mouth and asked, if I only went for it. Don't let time go by saying tomorrow, next week or next year. Focus on now! Right now!!! Don't beat yourself up on mistakes made, bad choices! Remember most of your past and experiences made you who you are! Now, Move on! 
Get your positive momentum rolling! Put your goals down on paper. Be specific, precise and clear as to what your goals are important as well. Read them and reread them. Remind yourself of them all day. Go to bed thinking about them and visualizing them as already achieved. This way the goals are imbedded into your heart and soul. They then become what makes your heart pump, they make that blood run through your veins, that air circulate strongly through your lungs and provide your cells that energy, that strong, immeasurable energy to strive and drive to work towards that which you which to achieve. Blossom that strength that will help you to get up when tired, to refocus when you fall off course, to keep going when it seems easy to quit! It's all about the energy!!! Your energy!!! And then your energy attracts more of the like to you. Get empowered! You are so powerful, so capable know this and grow this!!!
Gain determination, gain a focus a will that knows no fail, gain a, I am getting this done, period!, type attitude. I may not fully know how exactly. All the pieces aren't their, yet. It might take time! It's going to take all that I have and them some. I may fail a few times trying or maybe a lot but I'm going to fail forward. I may face the greatest challenges and adversity ever. However, I won't stop because I know I'll get there. I'll trip up at times, slip and fall; sometimes on my own sometimes by others. Each time though, I will stand up tall, proud and determined. I will dust off and I will keep fighting the fight with all my might. It's In my heart and soul, I own this goal and this life! I'm thankful and appreciative for this opportunity and will do all I can with it!
Fill your self up with positive thoughts, constant reminders of positivity and grow your positive energy. Surround yourself with people that also believe in dreaming and believing. Cut out those who hold you down, knock you or tell you you can't. Or keep them in your life if you must but pay no mind to them. Ignore the naysayers. Spend time alone and enjoy it, this is important to be with your best supporter, you! Read what you need to to supply your soul with strength, listen to inspirational speakers that ignite you. Start and end your days with things and people that get you light to up to bring yourself and life to the next level. Play music that fires you up! Practice smiling and enjoy challenges! Get hungry to keep going and growing! Train and exercise daily because when you do you respect the gift of life, build your body, gain confidence, strengthen your soul and control your mind. Through this you build the individual that you are! Flip the negative thoughts and turn on the, I rock, switch!!! Man, I can do this, I absolutely, positively can and I am!
Life is all about giving! When one learns this, truly understands and implements this they reach a pinnacle, an amazing turning point in their life that brings a wondrous, remarkable and truly awesome magic into their life. In order to give you must strive to bring out your best. Look inside your soul and decide what your contribution will be. Go for your dreams! You gotta go for your dreams! That's what you are here for! It's all about the energy and that energy is within you!
Bring it out!




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