Saving American Jobs on Labor Day

I agree with Congressman Tim Bishop who has introduced legislation that prohibits federal loans and grant awards to businesses that engage in overseas outsourcing.  This is an inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars at this time of economic recovery.  Corporations must be held to standards that benefit the general good of their fellow Americans and contribute to employment and investments here at home.

In 2004 I introduced, and the Legislature successfully passed, Local Law 659 to prohibit the County of Suffolk from contracting with corporations that reincorporate overseas.

The legislation provided that –“No contract for consulting services shall be awarded by the appropriate officer, board, or agency of the County of Suffolk to a business previously incorporated within the United States of America, which has reincorporated outside the United States of America.”  

My proposal was supported because of two major points:

“This Legislature further finds that many jobs are being lost to corporations that reincorporate overseas whose workers are often forced to live in substandard conditions.

This Legislature also finds and determines that the County Legislature has historically led the way in encouraging and promoting businesses located on Long Island.”

It is time that the same kind of action was taken on the federal level. This Labor Day, let us celebrate our workers by ensuring that jobs continue to be available here in their country, their state and their town. 

Vivian Viloria-Fisher

Former Suffolk County Legislator and Deputy Presiding Officer

Candidate for Brookhaven T own Supervisor


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