SJC Professor Discusses Ethics Class in 1980s to Today

Gerard T. Seifert's students decide who should re-built a society at St. Joseph's College in Patchogue among other ethics exercises used for discussion.

In an op-ed Gerard T. Seifert submitted to Newsday about his psychology course at in Patchogue, Seifert discussed a number of ethics exercises he uses to stir up discussion in the class.

His op-ed opens with his students discussing which six out of 10 hypothetical people would survive a global disaster to rebuild society. Chosen to survive by all of the students was a gay architect, and not to survive by nearly everyone was a hypothetical 16-year-old pregnant high school drop out.

Seifert also discussed the differences in responses he has received from students he taught in the 1980s versus today.

The full op-ed read can be found on Newsday (subscription).


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