Sound Off: Weekly Recap

The new Facebook timeline, the value of private colleges, social welfare programs and the top Super Bowl snacks were the topics of discussion this week.

Here's the scoop on what readers were debating on Patch this week. You can click the links to the particular Sound Off to leave a comment on a topic. You can also vote in all of this week's polls at the bottom of this article.


We asked readers how they felt about Facebook Timeline, a new format coming to Facebook, which has been optional for the past few months, but will soon become the standard across the social media giant. Readers overwhelming said they weren't ready for the new format.

Reader comment: "I will quit Facebook when it (Timeline) when it happens."- George Stenby Jr.


The top two most expensive private colleges in the nation are in New York, according to U.S. News and World Report's annual ranking of expensive colleges. This year's top 10 list includes Columbia University and Vassar College. We asked readers if private colleges are worth the big cost. By a margin of 56-31 percent, voters said no.

Reader comment: "No way is it worth it....a degree will get you in a door but it's effort and commitment that make people successful. Like everything else today, college costs are out of hand. All to often, parents and their kids wear their college choices as status symbols. Going into massive debt for college is irrational."- Dennis


Following his victory in the Florida primary Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney told CNN that "he's not concerned about the very poor," according to the Huffington Post. We asked readers if politicians should be concerned with the "very poor" in this country or if they agree with Romney that there's already an adequate safety net in place? In the first completely split vote in Sound Off history, as of Friday afternoon, the vote was 59-59 on the topic.

Reader comment: "Whether or not the safety net currently in place is adequate, this was a stupid, insensitive thing to say, and I would hope he would say it differently if he had a do over. Shame that the poor in this country are not even on the political radar. Where are the likes of RFK and other war on poverty crusaders?" - Michael Savini


The Huffington Post is currently running a fun Super Bowl Snacks Bracket Challenge in which readers vote on which game day snack is king. Among the choices: chicken wings, salsa, nachos, chili and sliders. We put our own poll to readers, who seem to love their chicken wings, which was the runaway victor.


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