Report: Driver in DWI Crash Pleads Not Guilty, More Charges Coming

Michael Grasing of Babylon plead not guilty to charges of driving while intoxicated in court yesterday, Newsday reports.

Michael Grasing, the Babylon man accused of driving drunk with a blood-alcohol content level of .3 and crashing into Lindenhurst teen Brittney Walsh, pleaded not guilty to charges of DWI at his arraignment on Wednesday afternoon.

Newsday reports Grasing pleaded not guilty to his only current charge - driving while intoxicated - at First District Court in Central Islip on Wednesday afternoon.

Judge Patricia Filiberto set the bail for Grasing at $100,000 cash or $200,000 bond during the arraignment - an amount his lawyer disputed because the only charge so far was drunk driving.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said that Grasing had down Montauk Highway between 85 and 100 miles per hour with a BAC of .3, nearly four times the legal limit, on Sunday evening.

Grasing's driven by Walsh, flipping her car and killing her.

Assistant District Attorney Laura Newcomb told Newsday upgraded charges should be expected to be filed as soon as new evidence is found and presented.

Newsday also reported Grasing had previously been charged with DWI in Albany County, New York in 1999 and had pled guilty to charges of driving while impaired.

Newcomb told Newsday Grasing had been in and out of rehab and would disppear for days at a time. His lawyer, William Keahon, disputed that idea, noting Grasing had been working as a contractor for the past 10 years with his father.


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lindyhomegal July 01, 2012 at 10:36 PM
My heart and prayers go out to the Walsh family. I cannot imagine the pain they must be in. No one should ever have to bury their child and certainly not in such a horrific way. It's not fair that their sweet little girl's life was over before it started. I would, however, like to ask everyone to remember that the Grasing family is just that...a family, in grief and pain, and keep in mind the saying that 'there but for the grace of God go I'....they have to live with the knowledge of the grief that their son's actions have caused. No parent deserves that either. I grew up in Lindy and I know the people there to be kind and compassionate. I happen to know the Grasing family personally and know they are a good, kind family who would not wish this pain on their worst enemy....their life as they knew it is over and they would give anything to return that beautiful child to her family...no words could ever express their sorrow and grief...and no one should judge them for the pain caused by their family member...I pray no one reading this ever finds themselves in their shoes....
lmm July 02, 2012 at 12:06 AM
lindyhomegal: well said. no doubt they are good people and they too are suffering for the actions of their son. this tragedy is a horrible situation for all involved. i do however believe that the drunk should pay dearly for what he did. when he got into his car w/ what im sure was a higher than.30 BAC (his blood was tested an hour and a half after the crash) he proved to me that he is nothing but a selfish **** i say this because this isnt the first DWI he had. this one however cost this young lady her life and left her family with a huge void that can NEVER be filled!!! their grief is enormous. and his family, he didnt give a damn about them either. his family now has to face the scrutiny of society for what he did. they too have to live the rest of their lives with this. he has a 3 yr old boy. he didnt care about him either!!! god bless both families that are involved.
lmm July 02, 2012 at 12:12 AM
when i went to the cemetery for brittneys service, the most heartbreaking thing was listening to the sound of her mom and dad hysterical crying something i will never forget. the grief was so overwhelming. i wish this could be a learning experience for those who drive drunk, but the sad part is we all know it wont!!!
lindyhomegal July 02, 2012 at 02:35 AM
...that's the frustrating thing, Lynn, is that as many times we see these headlines, and as many families end up having to face this horror, there is still no concrete way of stopping another drunk from getting behind the wheel, or people texting or talking on cell phones, even on the parkways at high speeds. I see it every day. How many people have to die? What, exactly, is it going to take?
Joseph LoSchiavo July 02, 2012 at 06:37 AM
There is nothing that could be said to ease this family's tragic suffering, others than for your community to be there for them. Lynn, your comments brought me to tears. Maybe Mr. Keohoh should have been at the cemetery that day!!!


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