The Carnival Came To Patchogue

Fire department hosts first-annual carnival in Patchogue

Stunt bikes, gravitrons, and funnel cake had a dominating presence off Sunrise Highway last weekend as part of North Patchogue Fire Department's First Annual Carnival.

Located next to Chuck E Cheese's on the North side of the Sunrise Highway Service Road, the carnival was an easy to find local event for Memorial Day weekend.

A large parking lot was available so that many carnival-goers could conveniently park near the entrance.

Entry into the carnival was free while tickets were required to go on the various rides.

Ticket booths listed the tickets required per ride. Tickets were available by books of 20 or 40, and sold individually at $1 per ticket.

Workers were on hand to run the rides and attractions. One highlight was the Dream Catcher, a giant crane-like ride which swung from side to side, while simultaneously swinging in 360 degree circles.  There were also stunt shows featuring motorcyclists riding in all directions inside of a dome, running through a revolving apparatus, a magic show, and a faux boxing match between a clown and a boxing kangaroo (the clown didn't get a punch in and lost- all the kangaroo needed to do was hug him).

GRUCCI fireworks lit up the night sky on May 28th and May 30th.




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