Two Injured In Three-Car Crash, One Car Set Ablaze

Glass and car debris strewn throughout the Woodside Avenue and Route 112 intersection following Thursday night crash.

Two people were reported seriously injured in a three-car crash at the intersection of Route 112 and Woodside Avenue on the border of Patchogue and Medford Thursday night.

Of the three cars, a white SUV was fully involved and on fire, while the other cars were collided into, said Bill Hart, first assistant chief of the Medford Fire Department. Hart said the accident was called into the department around 9:44 p.m., and that the fire was under control by around 10 p.m. 

Hart said that the two people seriously injured were hospitalized an at unnamed hospital.

Traffic was directed away from the intersection during the investigation, which was full of glass and car debris.

A cause of the crash has yet to be determined, polie said. 

This is a breaking news story. Patch will update as more information becomes available.

Joseph LoSchiavo October 19, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Update: News12 reports there has been an arrest for DWI on this wreck. These reckless actions are criminal. Whomever this person is, if these actions are proven true they should be incarcerated to the fullest with ano chance for a please bargain. This hits to close, because I was at that intersection on my way home from a Board meeting not even a minute before this happened. I arrived home at 945, three minutes from that intersection. Patch stated the first call came in at 944. I am very fortunate. I know this. Others weren't, because of a criminal. We need Better laws on the books regarding these terrible actions.
Kathleen Rubinstein October 21, 2012 at 05:55 PM
I want to know why the debris from an accident is never cleaned up. I was waiting at the light yesterday where this accident happened. There is enough broken glass and other debris to cause more problems such as flat tires or another accident...someone might try to swerve to avoid the debris. Why don't the tow truck drivers clean it up while the road is still blocked off ? I have gotten quite a few flat tires from glass and other stuff in the road.


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