AP: Patchogue Man Who Joined al-Qaida Testifies

Bryant Neal Vinas is testified at federal trial of man charged with Manhattan subway attacks reports Associated Press.

A Patchogue man who became a member of the al-Qaida terrorist organization testified at a terrorism trial in Brooklyn on Monday reports the Associated Press.

Bryant Neal Vinas, who himself became a member of al-Qaida, is reported by AP to have testified at the federal trial of Adis Madunjanin, who is charged with plotting to attack Manhattan subways in 2009.

Madunjanin has plead not guilty to these charges.

According to the report, Vinas testified that he traveled to Pakistan in 2007 and was able to participate in an attack against U.S. forces in Afghanistan within two weeks after arriving. Months after arriving he joined the terrorist organization.

The report says that Vinas has previously plead guilty to terrorism charges in Brooklyn, and has since become a key government cooperator.

Read the original AP report on CBS News.


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