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Brookhaven Town May Purchase Patchogue Armory

Brookhaven officials sent message to Albany stating they agreed to purchase the property for $1, reports The Long Island Advance.

The  at 100 Barton Avenue in Patchogue may be purchased by Brookhaven Town, reports in their May 31 issue.

The armory was one of six closed in 2010, with to a newer facility in Farmingdale. The building had been taken over by the state's Office of General Services with options that it could either be sold at auction or returned to government use for the community.

The Advance reports that Brookhaven officials have sent a notice to Albany that they agreed to purchase the property for $1, but that does not necessarily mean they will go through with it.

Town Councilman Tim Mazzei told the Advance that the current economy may not make the investment feasible. Mazzei also said that the building is in bad shape, and could contain asbestos.

Assemblyman Dean Murray is quoted in the article as disagreeing with that assessment, that the building has been abated for lead and that the building did not meet the standards for asbestos removal unless town officials planned to start construction and needed walls to be torn down.

Murray is working on legislation that if passed would allow the Town to take over the building. Murray is also cited saying that possible future uses for the building could be for nonprofits that expressed interest in taking over the property.

Several residents and local business owners had  in 2010 when talking to Patch about the closing of the armory.

More about the building's condition, previous history and from State. Senator Lee Zeldin sponsoring a similar bill can be found in The Long Island Advance.

What do you think about the armory possibly being purchased by Brookhaven Town? Talk about it in the comments.

GDynamo June 07, 2012 at 01:46 PM
Tear down that old eye sore and that would make room for at least three, maybe four single family homes. Those homes would then generate property taxes that are desperately needed in this town.
Michael A Evans LMT September 26, 2012 at 03:09 PM
That building was to be used by USVMCLI, a 501c19 not for profit corporation, as a Veteran Activity Center. The mission of the building and the corporation is to work with veterans and active duty military and their families to help abate the ravages of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder through peer mentoring, training, therapeutic counseling, and a variety of other outlets. Unfortunately, even though USVMCLI has been working for over a year to secure the building, and was told that it was a sure thing by both state and local officials with the expectation that the center would be funded 100% by USVMCLI with no impact to the tax payers, Councilman Mazzei took it upon himself to suddenly deny this organization access, citing the fact that most of the money raised by USVMCLI comes from a community of motorcycle enthusiasts, which he also implied necessarily means there would be rowdy drinking and fist fights. 5 young men in our area have committed suicide in the past month or so because they had no place to turn to. This was to have been that place, but alas, Councilman Mazzei decided he knows best and has condemned that building to decrepitude and abandonment.
Michael A Evans LMT September 26, 2012 at 03:22 PM
PS, Councilman Mazzei has been contacted for an explanation, but no response has yet been made. Feel free to add your voices!


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