Candidates Discuss NU Village Principles, Communication

Patchogue 2012 and Residents First candidates voice their opinions on the Nu Village principles.

Candidates from both sides of the met at the in the on Thursday, discussing the organization’s principles that they agree and disagree with.

The new civic association lists 10 principles on its website that include the creation of its own board where members would be selected randomly and serve one-year terms.

Representing was their mayoral candidate Elisabeth McGuire, incumbent trustee candidate Stephen McGiff and trustee candidates Lisa Ihne and Greg Powers. was represented by incumbent trustee candidates Jack Krieger, Lori Devlin and trustee candidate Tom Ferb. Incumbent Patchogue Village Mayor Paul Pontieri, also on Patchogue 2012, was out of town and could not attend.

While neither party fully endorsed the principles, there was a consensus amongst the candidates that the basis of the Nu Village principles were something that should be considered by members of the local government.

“All of us have reviewed the declaration of principles that serve as the foundation of Nu Village, and although we agree that some bear merit there are others that we do not endorse in their current interpretation,” Krieger said. “We must look at your principles as a whole and not individually in order to make a determination as to whether they are compatible with our own principles and what we believe would be better to govern the residents of Patchogue.”

While neither party made specific claims against any of the principles they both agreed on getting residents involved in the process.

“One of the reasons we call ourselves Residents First is we think the residents should have a say,” McGuire said. “It shouldn’t just be the village officials sitting up in the ivory tower making decisions. The residents everyday should be voicing their concerns and should be a part of the decision making process.”

Ferb said that having the civic association around is not necessarily a bad thing, that having resident input is crucially important. However, he also took issue with the wording of some of the principles, calling them “accusatory.”

“Some of these principles are valid and reasonable but they need a lot more input before anyone can really endorse them,” Ferb said. “When I first read these principles – what I saw was a political platform that morphed into a civic association.”

While Nu Village has since that they will not be running candidates nor endorsing any, they had previously advertised candidate screenings on their website.

When the floor was opened up to residents attending the forum, the most hotly talked about issue was communication between Village officials and the residents.

“It’s a question of communication and the communication starts with the people that we’ve elected to run our village to disseminate that information to us,” Pamela Barr, a former Patchogue trustee said. “And, ultimately, it’s up to us as the citizens to grab hold of that information and make use of it.”

It was a general consensus that more information including legal notices, agendas to upcoming village meetings and openings on village boards needed to be more readily available for residents. Currently they are typically posted to the Patchogue Village website, and in local news sources such as and .

The of village meetings, which Krieger said had been discussed by the current administration, was also something that some residents would like to see to help improve communication.

good taste February 15, 2012 at 04:02 AM
The important problem that everyone in Patchogue (not just the village) should be very concerned about is the amount, the height and the density of the apartments which will be built on the corner of Main and N. Ocean Ave. if we don't make our voices heard. Think about how large Art Space is and remember that it houses only 43 apartments which aren't very large. Now imagine the size of the buildings needed to house 291 apartments and none of them will be on the ground floor, so allow your imagination to go up five stories. This means that there will be the equivalent of SEVEN BUILDINGS THE SIZE OF ART SPACE on the land between North Ocean Ave., Main Street, and Havens Ave. I don't care if only dignitaries are allowed to live there, the housing is just too dense. This will affect everyone in Patchogue, not just village residents, so please put a STOP the 291 APARTMENTS sign on your lawn where ever you live in Patchogue. Main Street "belongs" to all of us!! Help save our town with a revised plan for the four corners!!
Concerned Resident February 16, 2012 at 01:25 AM
How come 291 apartments is not good, but Crean and McGiff were just fine with 250? Isn't 250 high density or is it just the last 40 or so that pushed it to that status?
Bob February 16, 2012 at 02:03 AM
Hey Concerned Business Owner aka Lou D’ambrosio, I know you are a buddy of Buddy Pontieri but take a look at what he’s done. He’s given away the store to developers and he’s taken as much as he’s given. His time is done. Thank the man and move on…the Village is on the verge of going the other way if the overdevelopment continues. You and I may not live to see it but our kids will. Time for a change. If 8 years is enough for a President, 8 should be enough for Pontieri.
Bob February 16, 2012 at 11:20 AM
Hey Lou aka Concerned, ask the NU village folks about all the lawsuits. They are suing your buddy for his mishandling of TRITEC and TIKKI BAR. Then go down to LOMBARDI’S on the bay and ask why THEY are suing your buddy Pontieri too. He made promises to all these people he couldn’t keep and he gives his friends what they want and punishes his enemies. Ask around about the Oar and Dublin Deck too. They are his buddies. Oh but you know that already since you’re a buddy buddy too. How’s Dave’s liquidation treatin ya?
CCOP March 08, 2012 at 03:43 AM
As the last owner occupied home on Lake St. I want to commmend Residents First for thier effort in stopping 291 Apts. on Lake St. As a Lake St.. resident for the past thirty two years I have endured slumlords who's homes are not maintained. Our quality of life has been ruined by the tennants that they rent to. Lake street is a major cut through and 291 Apts will only add to the congestion. Recently the village planning board entertained a proposal for "Flos on the Go" mobile food truck that will be located at 70 Lake St. in the empty lot next to the Bargain Bilge. Can't wait to see what's next. I think it's time to move to my farm in upstate Ny and rent my home out to thirty illegal aliens. If you can't beat them, join them.


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