Democrats Slam Giannott on Personal Finances

Giannott says tough economy presented challenges for his family, but all debt has since been repaid.

Suffolk Democrats unveiled a new website Tuesday accusing Republican county legislature candidate John Giannott of shirking a $22,000 loan and failing to pay business and sales taxes.

Giannott is challenging Democrat for an open seat in the 7th Legislative District, which includes Patchogue, Medford, Holtsville and Blue Point. 

"John Giannott was sued and ran from the taxman. Now he wants YOU to trust him with YOUR money," the top of the website reads. 

The site charges Giannott with attempting to avoid a process server in 2009 after a civil judgment was filed against him by Teachers Credit Union for an unpaid loan of nearly $22,000. It also lists several outstanding tax liens against Carla Marla's Ice Cream, a Giannott-owned Bellport business. 

In a conference call with reporters Tuesday morning, Suffolk County Democratic Committee Chairman Rich Schaffer said it was fair game to go after Giannott on his personal finances, which Schaffer called a "symbol of irresponsibility."

"We want the voters of that district to know just how he's handled his personal finances and ask the question of whether or not they can trust him to handle the county's budget or their own tax dollars...," Schaffer said of Giannott. 

Giannott, reached via email Tuesday, said the website was a low blow and he charged Calarco with resorting "to dirty politics to try to distract voters from the problems he's helped to create."

Calarco, of Patchogue, is currently the chief of staff for Legis. Jack Eddington, who is for re-election in the 7th District. 

As to the substance on the website, Giannott said the "difficult economy" presented many challenges for him and his wife, Jenni. Giannott opened Bellport restaurant Porters on the lane in 2008 just as the financial sector was about to crater. 

"As a result, we fell behind on a few bills," Giannott said. "My wife and I worked around the clock, sometimes twenty hours per day, to get the restaurant off the ground. In time, the restaurant became a success and any debt we owed has been paid in full, for several years now."

John Bogack October 28, 2011 at 02:03 PM
An apology is due, mine. I did get annoyed but did not mean for that to stop anyone from commenting. I got annoyed at the inference that my comments were in someway tied to a promise of a job from Rob Calarco. That did rub me the wrong way. My support for Rob Calarco is based on years of contact with him. He has never done me wrong, and always done what he could on the issues that brought me to Leg. Eddington' office. In contrast I do not know much about his opponent and I worry that a person with so little real experience in County government can do a good job as an elected legislator. That is pretty much my core beliefs in this race. If Mr. Giannott did get elected I would wish him the best, offer him my help if he could use it. But I will be voting for his opponent because I would rather stick with a person whom I know has already gotten results when I have needed them. Thank God the election is near and finally the people will be able to speak and settle this question by a vote of the people. We live in a great country where ultimately we can decide our differences in this way.
Elizabeth K October 29, 2011 at 12:20 AM
Looking foward to voting in another election, who will be responsible for removing all the signs posted?
John Bogack October 31, 2011 at 04:36 PM
Sandra, the only grump around that I can see from your comments is you. They certainly don't serve Mr. Giannott well and if you have taken the time to read his posts he has respectively agreed to disagree with me and sometimes he has whooped my ass. But he has never stooped to the insulting language you have used. Today Newsday endorsed Rob Calarco pretty much for the same reasons I am going to vote for him. He knows the job having worked as a chief legislative aide for 6 years. Plus when I have issues that I needed help on he has helped me. I have said this time and time again. There are people who have posted their support for Mr. Giannott because they know him and trust him. I haven't had that experience so my feelings and loyalties are elsewhere. It's really as simple as that.
David Kennedy October 31, 2011 at 05:58 PM
In defense of Mr. Bogack, he is someone who always speaks his mind but always in a very respectful manner...why he is being attacked for stating an opinion is beyond me since I have never seen or heard him personally attack anyone...we should all take a lesson from Mr. Bogack on how to express ourselves without insulting those who disagree. I may not always agree with him, but he commands my attention because he respects everyone who takes interest in what is happening in his community.
john giannott October 31, 2011 at 06:58 PM
i agree Mr. Kennedy, welkl said. I too have disagreed with John Bogak, but I did it respectfully


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