Patchogue Village Election Preview

Quick links to all of Patch's Election coverage, candidate spotlights and important information for March 20.

Getting ready to vote on March 20 and want to read up on all of the candidates for Patchogue Village mayor and trustee positions? Here are all of our candidate spotlights and election coverage to read up on in order to get ready to vote.

Where To Vote:

Patchogue Village is being divided up into a number of districts, with several polling locations open based on where residents live. Polling locations will be open from 7 a.m.-9 p.m. Consult the to locate where you will be voting. The locations include Village Hall at 14 Baker Street for Districts 15 and 21,  at 46 River Ave. for Districts 16 and 103,  at 15 Jennings Ave. for Districts 17, 18 and 23, and the  at 11 Park Street for Districts 19 and 20. Voting will take place using the  of scanning forms marked in by pencil. Absentee ballots are also available at , on the Village’s website or in the PDF section.

Who The Mayor Candidates Are:

Check below for our three Candidate Spotlight interviews and videos with the Mayor candidates. Incumbent Mayor candidate Paul Pontieri (Patchogue 2012) faces competition from Elisabeth McGuire (Residents First) and Richard Evans (Progress For All).

Who The Trustee Candidates Are:

Check below for our six Candidate Spotlight interviews and videos with the trustee candidates. On the Patchogue 2012 party are incumbent trustee candidates Lori Devlin and Jack Krieger with trustee candidate Tom Ferb. The Residents First party has incumbent trustee candidate Stephen McGiff with trustee candidates Lisa Ihne and Gregory Powers. The top three vote-getters out of the six will receive trustee seats.

More Coverage:

Check back to Patchogue Patch for up to the minute coverage on the Patchogue Village elections.


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