Kennedy: Carnegie Library Move Postponed

Originally scheduled move is being postponed to an as yet unconfirmed date, says Friends of Carnegie Library.

The will not be this week after all, as David Kennedy of the Friends of the Carnegie Library wrote in his in Patch's Local Voices section.

According to Kennedy, the Friends were contacted by Tritec Real Estate Company and were told that there is a snag in negotiations. Kennedy also said the move is tentatively rescheduled for Aug. 8.

Patch will be reaching out to officials to get more details and will update when and if we get them.


David Kennedy July 24, 2012 at 12:28 PM
Update from last night's Village Board meeting: Rob Loscalzo of Tritec confirmed that August 8th is the new date to move the Carnegie Library. He, along with Mayor Paul Pontieri, also confirmed that the historic building will now be moved directly to the County Court property on West Ave. and Main St., avoiding a second large scale move. Legislator Rob Calarco has secured an agreement with the County the will allow temporary placement while the site is made ready as the permanent location. The Friends of the Carnegie Library are currently working to rearrange gathering events for those interested in viewing what promises to be a one-of-a kind spectacle. We will be posting a blog with more details soon.
Frank Finnamore July 24, 2012 at 05:05 PM
David you seem to be the "goto guy" to get answers on this subject. Can you answer some on my questions. Is the building being moved to the county parking lot behind the Court building. Will the property continue to be owned by the County. Who is going to own the building and property after it is moved. Does the Village Planning, Zoning or ARB Boards have to give any approvals for this project. And finally if it is moved onto public property, it will be a "prevailing wage" project, will any preference be given to the local trade unions.
David Kennedy July 24, 2012 at 06:02 PM
Sure Frank, I will do my best: First, yes, the building is being moved to the parking lot behind the Court House on the corner of West Avenue and Main Street. As per Rob Loscalzo of Tritec at last nights meeting, it will be put on the South/West corner of the property until the exact spot on this property is chosen and a foundation created. Choosing the exact spot includes ground testing, a survey of the property and other normal construction site prep work. The property will continue to be owned by the county. The County is initiating an agreemnt w/ the Village to allow the use of the property. Once the building is moved the building will be owned by the Village. Mayor Pontieri made clear last night the Village plans to turn the building over to someone else as soon as possible and avoid costs to the village, ie insurance. The Village has put out a request for proposals for a future use. So far only the Patchogue Medford Library and the Greater Patchogue Historical Society have submitted formal proposals. The Mayor said he would like to have the Village make a decision on them by September. As for Zoning, Planning or ARB approvals, do not believe any are needed, but do not know for sure since that specific question has never been discussed, but is a question I will ask and try to obtain a more certain answer for. As for prevailing wage, the move is being done and paid for by Tritec, future restoration work will be done by whoever the Village transfers the building to.
David Kennedy July 24, 2012 at 06:12 PM
While the property will still be owned by the county, the building will be owned by the Village and most likely "gifted to a chosen entity. Since the final user will most likly be a public entity I am sure prevailing wage will be required for future renovations. These are the answers to the best of my knowledge. If you have any other questions concerns or clarifications please contact me through my patch blogs or my email: dmk11772@yahoo.com. If you give me your email I will be sure to include you on the Friends of the Carnegie Library contact list.
David Kennedy July 24, 2012 at 06:16 PM
upon review of your original questions I see I forgot one point....the choice of who will do renovation work I assume will be up to competitive bidding and up to those issuing the bids on what preference they give local trade unions....meaning this, too would be up to the final user.
Frank Finnamore July 24, 2012 at 07:18 PM
Even with Tritec paying for it, being on County property it is a prevailing wage requirement. Even the work Tritec is doing now on village property is at prevailing wage since it is village property. The NYS Labor Department is very helpful in providing information on this subject. I remember the owner of Trio's would have to pay prevailing wage for the construction of his restaurant if the property was leased from the village. He purchased the property instead. Trios had to get all the Board approvals even when it was going to be constructed on village owned property. It would make sense to get all the required Planning, Zoning and ARB approvals for the "Carnegie", since the mayor's plan is to have a non-village entitly take title to the property. If my memory is correct you were a former Village Trustee and also a former State Assembly employee that would make you familar with prevailing wage requirements.
David Kennedy July 24, 2012 at 07:47 PM
Frank, I am familar with prevailing wage responsibilities to a limited degree...I also have no say in how Tritec, the Village or the County adhere to those policies...I am a former official as you say...been over 10 years and can't say keeping up with "prevailing wage laws" has been high on my list, so I am not current on these procedures. I should add that the Friends of the Carnegie Library is a purely volunteer, community based organization with no authority on prevailing wage or the roles of Planning, Zoning or ARB Boards. Certainly if you feel any procedures are being violated you should bring these charges to the appropriate authoriteis and I am sure they will give you a better answer then I can. My involvement has been to see an important piece of Patchogue History preserved and am very excited to see it is all coming together.
CCOP July 25, 2012 at 09:50 PM
Dave, why not knock down the slum lord homes on Lake St. And make a permanent move. This will also give the Village the extra parking that they need. My Brother-in-Law and I would also entertain the possibility of selling our three properties on Lake St. if we are made reasonable offers. That said, thanks for the information that you have posted and for being involved with our community.
David Kennedy July 26, 2012 at 12:14 PM
No Problem...and you do make an interesting proposal...In fact Tom Keegan had mentioned a similar idea to me when he informed me one of the apartment buildings on Lake St was in court on condemnation proceedings...but, in the end it would take funds to buy any property and the Village has made clear it wants to limit as much as possible how much this will impact rthe Village budget...public property donated to the Village at no cost is just too good an offer to let pass by, especially since just owning the Building for a short time has the potential of costing the Village $100k+.


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