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Last Chance: Blog About Patchogue Elections

Bloggers that want to post about the elections have until 9 p.m. Monday night to submit for the Tuesday newsletter.

The Patchogue Mayor/Trustee Elections are being held Tuesday, and readers have been blogging in the Local Voices section about their own perspectives on the Patchogue Village Election.

Those that would like to blog specifically on the Election should submit their entries by 9 p.m. Monday night if they would like the entry to appear in the Tuesday morning daily email newsletter edition of Patchogue Patch. The free newsletter typically sends around 6 a.m. every day.

Entries submitted after 9 p.m. can still be posted onto Patchogue Patch on Tuesday, but might not make the Tuesday morning newsletter.

If you have not applied to blog in the Local Voices section, please apply here and Patch Staff will send blogger instructions.

Blogging is not an anonymous platform on Patch, and does require use of one's real name and photo.



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