Nearby: Attias Property Owner Cleans Up Lot, Roadways

Islip Town officials react quick to feedback regarding litter and garbage on Broadway Avenue in Sayville.

Broadway Avenue in Sayville, near the now vacant Attias Flea Market, should be looking cleaner and less littered as Islip Town officials report the property owner has been busy getting rid of debris left behind by vendors as they vacated the building in the past few weeks.

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As Patch reported earlier this week, the roadway was lined with garbage and the parking lot boasted more debris despite the presence of several large dumpsters.

After receiving an email from Patch inquiring about cleanup responsibilities, Islip Town dispatched a sanitation inspector to the site that day and contacted the property owner.

"Our DEC [Department of Environmental Conservation] staff has reported  that both Sunrise Highway and Broadway Ave have been cleaned by the owner of the flea market.  He is also working on cleaning up the flea market property," stated Inez Birbiglia, town spokesperson, in an email to Patch. She added that town officials will continue to monitor the area.

Sandy Hamilton March 09, 2013 at 09:01 PM
The people who live south on Broadway have always had to deal with some sort of a mess in that corner. Perhaps Target will do some much needed landscaping . Entering Broadway Ave from the south part of course is much nicer.


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