'Outraged' Civic Uses Facebook To Assemble List of Unplowed Streets

Using social media, the Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association directed anger into action.

Anger and frustration at the lack of snow-clearing in Port Jefferson Station spilled over into social media this past weekend as thousands connected to kvetch about Brookhaven Town’s poor response.

Despite an online form made available to report problem streets, whole neighborhoods have gone untouched for days. Brookhaven Town Counciman Steve Fiore-Rosenfeld fired off an angry email to Supervisor Ed Romaine and Acting Superintendent of Highways Michael Murphy saying that there was “a complete and systematic breakdown” in response to the blizzard.

The Port Jefferson Station-Terryville Civic Association also took to social media on Sunday on the group’s Facebook page lauding the councilman’s email.

“Thank you Steve for stepping up for Port Jefferson Station-Terryville and the rest of the district that you represent,” began a status message that appeared on the civic’s Facebook page on Sunday.

The group also decided to utilize its reach on social media and organize public anger into something concrete. It asked residents to list streets not yet cleared.

On its page, the civic pulled no punches in expressing residents’ frustrations.

“Outrage and disgust are the sentiments resonating throughout Port Jefferson Station and Terryville (as well as many other communities) for the neglect and disregard of all residents who have yet to see a plow on their streets as of 6 p.m. Sunday evening over two days after the storm hit,” the message said.

To the east, Sound Beach Civic Association President Bea Ruberto expressed disappointment in the town's response to local roads as well. The group was forced to cancel a Monday night Meet the Candidates meeting between Highway Superintendent candidates Assemblyman Daniel Losquadro and Councilwoman Kathleen Walsh.

The PJTCA said that after roads were cleared that would be the time to “discuss what went wrong and what measures are going to be taken to prevent such mismanagement and misuse of our tax dollars going forward.”

In the meantime, it asked people to post the names of their streets yet to be cleared to be included in an email being sent that night to Acting Superintendent of Highways Murphy.

The complete list of streets  – forwarded in an email to Patch –  that residents had reported as unplowed as of 11:30 p.m. on Sunday night in Port Jefferson Station, Terryville and surrounding communities in Brookhaven Town is published below. Is your street on this list?

  • 10th St, Ronkonkoma
  • Adamson St, Selden
  • Adamson St, Selden
  • Aleisha Ln, PJS
  • Andover Dr, PJS
  • Ardmer Rd, PJS
  • Ashley Ct, PJS
  • Atlantic Ave, PJS
  • Barraud Dr, PJS
  • Bates Dr, PJS
  • Bayview Rd, PJS
  • Beach Ave, PJS
  • Belford Ln, PJS
  • Biscayne Ave, Selden
  • Blackberry Ln, Center Moriches
  • Block Blvd, PJS
  • Borkel Rd, Ronkonkoma
  • Bradley Dr, Shoreham
  • Broadhurst St, PJS
  • Buckskin Ln, Selden
  • Canterbury Dr, Coram
  • Champlain St PJS
  • Chardonnay Dr, Coram
  • Charm City, PJS 
  • Charter Rd, Selden
  • Church St, PJS
  • Clinton St, PJS
  • Clymer St, PJS
  • Colgate St, PJS
  • Comerford St, PJS
  • Conklin Ave, Selden
  • Continental Ave, Centereach
  • Crown St, PJS
  • Cully St, PJS
  • Custom Ln, PJS
  • Davidia Ln, Stony Brook
  • Dean St, PJS
  • Deville Drive, Selden
  • Dillon Ave, PJS
  • Douglas St, PJS
  • Douglaston Rd, Sound Beach
  • Elizabeth Ln, PJS
  • Elk Ln, Setauket,
  • Entire Birchwood Development
  • Erie St, PJS
  • Fairlane Dr, Selden
  • Fairway Dr, Middle Island
  • Farner Ave, Selden
  • Farnham Pl, PJS
  • Federal Ln Coram
  • Fradelos St, PJS
  • Gaymore Rd, PJS
  • Glenwood Ave, Miller Place
  • Gould Rd, Centereach
  • Grand St, PJS
  • Groton Dr, PJS
  • Grove St, PJS
  • Harmony Dr, PJS
  • Hedda Rd, PJS
  • Hickory St, PJS
  • Hilldale Ave, Miller Place
  • Huron St, PJS
  • Hurtin St, PJS
  • Iowa Ave, PJS
  • Jams Dr, PJS (also reporting a large tree blocking the road)
  • Jarvin Rd, PJS
  • Joanna Pl, PJS
  • John St, PJS
  • John St, Selden
  • Junard, PJS
  • Keewaydin Circle, PJS
  • Kensington Way, PJS
  • Kesmet St, Centereach
  • Lamport Ave, PJS
  • Lilac Ln, PJS
  • Lincoln, PJS
  • Locust Dr, Rocky Point
  • Locust Dr, Rocky Point
  • Loebel St, Selden
  • Long St, Lake Grove
  • Lowery Ave, Lake Grove
  • Magnolia Dr, PJS
  • Maple Pl, Selden
  • Maple St, PJS
  • Marl Ct, Selden
  • Marlo Rd, Selden
  • Maryann Ave, PJS
  • Miller Ave, PJS
  • Montclair St, PJS
  • Monterey Ln, Centereach
  • Monterey Ln, Centereach
  • Montrose, PJS
  • Morton St, PJS
  • Narcissus Rd, Rocky Point
  • Natures Ln, Miller Place
  • Newport Dr, PJS
  • Norwalk Ln, PJS
  • Nostrand Ave, PJS
  • Nostrand Ave, Selden 
  • Ontario St, PJS
  • Park Ave, Miller Place
  • Park St, Mt. Sinai
  • Parkridge Circle, PJS
  • Parnet Ct, PJS
  • Picket Ln, Centereach
  • Powderhorn Ln, Selden
  • Quaker Ln, Selden
  • Quaker Ln, Selden
  • Redwood Ln, S. Setauket,
  • Rhetta Ln, PJS
  • Rhetta Ln, PJS
  • Richard Ave, Lake Ronkonkoma
  • Riveria Dr, Selden
  • Rockhall Ln, Rocky Point
  • Rodney St, PJS
  • Roe Ave, PJS
  • Rosemont Ave, Farmingville
  • Ross St, PJS
  • Route 112, Coram
  • Sandy Ln, Selden
  • Sharon St, PJS
  • Sharon St, PJS
  • Shenandoah, PJS
  • Stuyvesant Ct, PJS
  • Stuyvesant Dr, PJS
  • Superior St, PJS
  • Talbot Ln, Selden
  • Tap St, PJS
  • The entire W section in Coram
  • Thomas St, Coram
  • Thunder Rd, Miller Place
  • Tulip Dr, PJS
  • Union St, PJS
  • Urban Dr, Selden
  • Viceroy Pl, PJS
  • Wall St, PJS
  • Wayside Ln, Selden
  • Wellsley Ln, Coram
  • Wenmore Rd, PJS
  • West Broadway, PJS
  • Westbrook Rd, Coram
  • Willoughby, PJS
  • Wilson St, Centereach
  • Wilson St, Centereach
  • Winston Ln, PJS
  • Wisconsin Ct, PJS
  • Woodhull cul d sac, PJS
  • Woodlawn Rd, Rocky Point
  • Wyanet St, Selden
  • Wyckoff Ave, PJS
  • Wyckoff Ave, PJS
  • Wyoming Ave, PJS
  • Yale St, PJS
  • Yava St, PJS
Britannic1 February 12, 2013 at 04:23 PM
In the 23 years I've lived on Block Blvd in PJS this is the first snow storm that the local contractors, hired by the town, were not out plowing our side streets during the storm to keep the accumulation down. The first plow we've seen came down Block Blvd Monday around noon time. This was followed later by a front end loader that cleared away most all the snow where they could. Over the years we've had storms that were equal in intensity to the one we just had and we have NEVER not had the roads plowed. It's time for some major accountability from Town of Brookhaven!
Annie Gurl February 12, 2013 at 04:48 PM
Thanks to the man who helped me out on Columbia Street this morning...it wasn't plowed...what a mess. Hallock is fine; Route 112 is fine. There were more than 25 NYS snow removal vehicles headed up Route 112 as I was heading south to work this AM, so hopefully everyone will be out of this mess today.
Lisa B February 12, 2013 at 05:33 PM
Just heard from co-workers that Belle Meade Rd. in East Setauket is also still a mess.
Scott Lindsay February 12, 2013 at 06:47 PM
A post on News 12 by one of the private hire plows that the town uses gives a telling story about why my neighbors and I had to clear the street ourselves: "it snowed 26 inches in 2009 and nothing like this!!we dont plow for Town of Brookhaven anymore 3 yrs ago they tripled the amount of ins u would need and it was way toooo steep for my blood and 100s of others so they lost many hire ons but didnt care because it hadnt really snowed now we have a storm and I am shocked at how bad our rds are" posted at: Brookhaven Deputy Supervisor Panico: Unplowed roads 'unacceptable' longisland.news12.com
crookhaven February 12, 2013 at 10:38 PM


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