Patchogue Village Issues Snow Alert

Village Court rescheduled for Feb. 9.

The has issued a snow alert on its website, asking for residents to remove all vehicles from streets to make room for its snow plows.

As per Village Code, village residents must remove all vehicles from the streets after two or more inches of snow have accumulated. Removal of the plowed cars is important because plowing around parked cars can leave piles of snow and ice on the roadway said the alert.

Cars that remain on the street can be towed at the owners expense said the alert.

The alert also advises residents to shovel snow from driveways into the parkway instead of the streets to keep roadways safe for motorists and pedestrians. Homeowners and businesses are responsible for cleaning the sidewalk in front of their properties as well.

Those planning on attending Wednesday’s scheduled Village Court date should note that it will be rescheduled to Feb. 9.

The full alert from the Village of Patchogue is below:


Residents must remove all vehicles from streets after an accumulation of 2" or more of snow. Parked cars are an obstacle to the snow plows. In addition, plowing around parked cars leaves large amounts of snow and ice on the roadway.
Any vehicle left on the street will be towed at the owners expense.

Please stay back from the plow truck 200', the trucks need to backup on a regular basis.

Shovel snow from driveways in to the parkway and not into the street. This will help avoid creating dangerous slippery conditions for both motorist and pedestrians. Also, homeowners and business owners are resonsible for cleaning the sidewalk in front of their property.

Place property markers on your property line as this helps the person plowing distinguish between the road and your property if there is a lot of snow.

***Please note, that due to the snow storm there will be no court on Wednesday, January 12, 2011 and it will be rescheduled for
February 9, 2011***


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