Residents Comment on Carnegie Library's Move

Locals stayed up late into the night to watch the building move last week.

Dozens of onlookers gathered along the streets of Patchogue Village Wednesday night into Thursday morning to watch the .

Interested in seeing the history of Patchogue preserved, lifelong Patchogue resident Jeff Berthold, recalled watching another historic building torn down.

"I remember when the Elks club building [in Patchogue] was taken down and the opportunity to save it was brought up. Everything fell through the cracks though and it just wasn't able to come to fruition. It's nice to see that we got it right this time," Berthold said.

"This is just so cool to witness. We're moving a historic building! You don't get to see that every day," said resident Bernadette Smith. "We usually end up demolishing buildings - it's nice to see that we can treasure one and protect it for the future."

"It's awfully interesting to see professionals at work," Joe Dean of the Village's Department of Public Works briefly commented to Patch as he and his staff helped the moving company and Tritec ensure that everything went smoothly.

Lori Belmonte, owner of on Main Street, enjoyed watching the overnight move and recalled many fond memories of the Library.

"I was really on the fence about coming down tonight but I figured that I'd regret it tomorrow. I'm very glad that they are going to preserve this building. When I heard the that they were going to demolish it, I was very upset. My first library card came from this library," Belmonte said.

"If the money is there to preserve it and help progress, you have to preserve it. This is a historical monument of education and education is still the most vital thing today," said Harold Paixao, a former Patchogue resident now residing in Bay Shore who came back to watch.

What were your thoughts and reactions to last week's move of the building? Talk about it in the comments.

Anna August 13, 2012 at 05:02 PM
My beloved Patchogue,How I wish I was there!


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